Tuesday, October 28, 2008


saya mendapat award dari zaty...

saya rasa sungguh terharu.
Terima kasih...!!!

dengan ini saya menghadiahkan award ini kepada 5 orang bloggers yang cambest bagi saya.
Memandangkan list saya adalah terhad, oleh itu terimalah keputusan saya seadanya kerana keputusan saya adalah MUKTAMAD..!
the winners are :
1. kembali kepada Zaty_Nadya a.k.a Tun Teja
2. my frenz HaYa (aku tau ko akan baca ni)
3. ryienna juga
4. emo gal c pat
5. adikku c afzan
bolehkah bagi dengan orang yang aku tak link tapi suka sangat pi blog dia?
I hope to be a better person as of todays onwards..


jadual exam yang kucinta... ^^

argh....! Jadual exam ini membuatkan saya tak keruan. Tapi Alhamdulillah. Tidur masih lena.
Tapi esok2 masihkah akan lena? Aduh! Apa perlu saya lakukan? Ya! Betul. Saya perlu belajar. Belum terlewat lagi kan. My final sem already bah ni for foundation year. Kalau spoil.. OMG...! Janganlah hendaknya.
So, saya perlu mulakan langkah pertama untuk buka buku. (skema?!)

Good Luck UntUk sEmUa JugA yA...!


saya penat bila mengatakan saya tidak mampu sedangkan saya belum mencubanya
saya penat bila saya mengatakan saya gagal sedangkan saya belum bermula
saya penat bila bertanya pada diri persoalan yang tidak pasti
saya penat bila perlu bermonolog sendiri sedangkan saya mampu bersuara
saya penat bila memikirkan itu dan ini sedangkan perkara itu biasa sahaja
saya penat bila saya perlu berkata ia sedangkan saya tidak setuju
saya penat bila perlu berkata itu ini sedangkan saya hanya ingin diam
kini saya rasa penat
teramat penat
bila saya perlu menzahirkan ini
di pentas ini
tapi saya perlu berbuat itu
kerana aksara-aksara yang terlahir
melegakan saya yang penat ini
saya penat?
mungkin tidak....

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saya menjumpai ini

Pada hari yang saya tidak pasti

Pada waktu yang saya tidak mengerti

Saya menjumpai ini

Pada masa saya ingin melupa

Pada waktu saya ingin berpaling

Apakah ia

Transkripsi perjalanan saya?

Pada kelibat masa

Yang meruntun hati dan perasaan

Saya menjumpai ini


Bila mana saya benci


Saya hanya menjadi perindu


Pada saat saya ingin merubahnya

Saya menjumpai ini…


sempat pose selepas raptai di IPready sudah ni...
kontinjen rumah biru a.k.a hang tuah
stadium tawau
:girl_9:SpORt DaY's....!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


People will underestimate you if u look down yourself. But you should learn how to protect yourself from nowadays very cruel world. If you cannot lean yourself to the others, do not pretend to be strong because deep inside your heart you will feel it is hurt for being lonely. Sometimes we need to bow for forgiveness and sometimes we need to face up when you know to choose which path you really into. No matter what happen believe in yourself is the most important thing that you should do. It will be a big task but every single step that you take now will bring the different for your future. Sometime your future will not be the same as your dream about but still it will be your destiny that your wish for. Love yourself, hold your spirit tight, do not stay in the safety level and take step then move on. See……! You almost near to achieve your dream. You life is on your own, right?


Hanya memerhati

Tidak mampu berkata apa

Sesaat itu

Aku hilang arah

Sendu berlabuh

Menutupi jiwa yang ria


Perlu berkata apa

Mahu bicara apa

Sekelumit masa pun

Jika mampu

Ingin segera ku usir

Biasan ini

Jiwa yang resah ini

Menyaksikan kepiluan

Yang tidak terzahir

Sunday, October 19, 2008

okay...okay...what dis all about?
haha...juz want to make my blog messy wit all dis pic?
actually i juz want to share some pic dat taken by me during my school days a.k.a high school.
what do u think?
I have da talent or not?@gigit

my sensei in photographing. Da person who responsible to introduce me with da gadget dat we call digital camera. hehe...

twin : when I 1st know them, it was hard to recognize which 1 but now I can...!

ready to play!

water war!

my classmates : mui n elya

the participants : form4 smkm '06 . Juz know da centre person n da men in black.

in relationship? nana n yip

testing2! @adil

1. what time right now?
#almost 12 : 30 at midnight
2. what r u doing?
#supper? haha... not la. Watching naruto-shippuuden movie
3. what u think bout dat movie?
#emm... 3 stars maybe! haha... i'm not naruto die-hard-fan
4. then, what r u doing?
#continue with d other movie. Also from Japan.
5. what r u doing yesterday?
#helded the "Sport day"!
6. do u missing sum1 right now?
#definitely not...
7. what is in ur mind right now?
8. what song u listen the most for dis couple of day?
#someday for somebody from kamenashi kazuya! Really touching by
the lyric. The music arrangement also very nice!
9. sing along with dat song?
#haha...how could I? still cannot catch up the Japan lyric. In progress...
10. what r u doing while thingking bout the next question?
#download kame-kun and kat-tun "the making of Lips" clip
11. R u siblings have da same interest with you?
#no. I'm into Kat-Tun and they prefer to SS501...! But both r great!
12. Can play any instruments?
#nope. My bad...

Saturday, October 18, 2008


:girl_15:yes! yes! our "Sport Day" was passed already. I'm happy! See :girl_9: my happy face! Da winner for dis 3rd Kejohanan Olahraga Peringkat IP Tawau was Rumah Hijau (Mat Salleh)! Congratulation guys! Da 1st runner-up was Rumah Biru a.k.a Hang Tuah (my rumah sukan!) Juz da number of Gold Medal make da differences. Da 2nd runner-up was Rumah Jingga (Rentap) and da 4th place was taken by Rumah Merah (Mat Kilau). Dis "Sport Day" was helded at Stadium Tawau and all the IPTS students were here for da whole day. Still cannot upload pictures here coz I take none picture at the occasion place but I will get it from my pals so wait for it!


Friday, October 17, 2008



kecelaruan hati menghantui aku
dilema yang hadir menyesakkan fikiran
ingin ku bongkar rahsia hati
tapi tiada daya aku
ingin ku luahkan
namun lidah membeku
perlukah aku terus begini
membiarkan diri pilu sendiri
biar kebenaran telah terbukti
adakah wujudnya provokasi
antara aku dan diriku
membiarkan diri dibelenggu rasa
yang aku sendiri tidak pasti
hakikat sebenar perasaan itu
dan kini
aku masih keliru
dan diriku masih
mencetus bisu itu...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



listen... :err:
what we suppose to...
i'm getting better right now...


:flower: People always cannot discover what they ability and skills. They don't have the confident to be what they want to be. They always pretend to be somebody who they felt really perfect. But the fact is nobody perfect. There will be something that make someone better than other. People should realize that they have they own destiny. Do not let other to handle your life. Remember that your life is yours! @adil

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

:what: what is I thinking of rite now? Feel so sleepy actually n wanna go to bed. But something in my head stuck me in front of my super-duper laptop. What a great feeling to type something that u did not expect it will be. Should i continue this? My soul said : "Why not, dear" but my body said that "Girl, u need to take a rest now. U gonna need ur energy tomorrow"
Behind my busy schedule, (Emm... not busy as the busiest person in this IP I guess) I know I should take a rest right now. But, I dun know why I still typing right now. U gonna be agree coz u r still reading what I typing right now.

:phonecry: I never cry like dis. I'm the person who uneasy to tears away my cry. I love to spend my own time to recover myself. And I always make it. When I trust someone, that doesn't mean that person will know anything about me. When I love someone, that doesn't mean I love that person as much as I love the one that I should. When i hate someone, I can't let that feeling go away easily. When I try to forget someone, it was hurt at first. But after that I will feel better. I will let u go and don't turn back coz I will juz wave my hand to you. Sayonara, I guess. When I say u like someone that close to me, believe me it is true. But of course that someone is juz the only one. And u juz the other chapter of my life.

:pompom: thank you for supporting me. Thank you for being so nice to me. Even maybe I make u feel uncomfortable. By the way, nice to know u. I should say it from the start right? Good luck in everything that u do. "people come n out from my life, but some of them remains and they want to stay in my memories". Will u gonna be 1 of them?


emmm...should i start my story with dis emoticon? :angry:
ya! like it is a must. Today, rainy day. At the evening all d IP students prepared themselves to go to the field. We have rehearsal for this saturday IP Sport Day Closing Ceremony. I love to go but feel dun wanna to because i have been choose as 1 of the Perbarisan members. Argh...
But at least, i know i still can remember bout all da step dat i learn during my school day. Now, i really miss my school day... :girl_10:

okay, for now i just want to share some picture that i take during the preparation for rehearsal. I'm lucky coz no lecturer around when i snap this picture. But sorry for our Hang Tuah commander coz being so noty. Hahaha...

rumah biru : nurul, jia, barbara, pat
from faraway : da orange a.k.a rentap members

greeen! : cholas, ain n sanjet

:sleep: naaa... time to sleep rite now...! thanx to my rumate coz telling me da wireless connection r available... she is from rumah merah a.k.a mat kilau. Emmm... no pic of them coz they r in front of my "home" members...!

juz wanna say "Have a great Sport Day!"

Monday, October 13, 2008

hari ni, bengong betul rasanya. Satu hari lecturer takde. Dat mean my class free dari pagi hingga tengah hari. Oh! Rasa nak balik je kat asrama. Emm... Kalau la hostel tu sebelah bangunan kuliah je, confirm awal2 lagi dah chow. Nak buat revision, mana le reti masuk kat memori ni. Ter-erase je ada le. Xde maknanye. So, what i do? Berjam2 ni buang masa. Huhu... Sayang oo... my precious time. Juz memerhati classmates "buat dajal". Hahaha.... apa namanya kelas paling "sunyi" kan.

:reading:then p library. Lepak je. Then, balik la... Apa yang pasti confirm la balik awal kan. Ni la budaq2 nakal ni. Nasib baik tak kena "tangkap" o..hehe...Sebijik macam time sekolah2 dulu. Cambest je...!@adil