Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~3rd february in 2009~

the tiredness suddenly be my new lullaby. It really help me a lot to get the comfort nap. What the beautiful feeling i guess. My mind over loaded with numerous thing (assignment + environment + inconvenience feeling + etc) and now i babbling here again.
I start my day with the overwhelming feeling in my heart. Felt dizzy and don't think i am ready for my day. But, whatever it is i still need to prepare myself. And that just in time.
First period for today, we were free. The second period, the lecturer come and start to fresh us with the syllabus for "Development of Children". It is a fun learning if i want to know the fact and not because i need to know it. Well, it is all about the examination. Then, 3rd period come across and no lecturer fill this class.
After recess we need to learn "The Education Philosophy" and honestly i felt little sleepy during this time. Maybe because before that i took my meal at "Medan Selera". All the energy going to my stomach and it left less energy for me to focus on the lecturing time. But it still good enough i don't fall asleep for real. I done the day with participate in monthly assembly at Rafflessia Hall.
Back to hostel. On-line for a little while and my body start to ask for the rest. Take a nap then.
Night will come and I will still go ahead for tomorrow.


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