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I love this talented woman. Of course I am one of her fan on Oprah Winfrey Show. I am addicted on it. It is because from this earn more knowledge about the thing around the world. She never show there was a discrimination in her show. Everyone have the same opportunity. From this show, I learn how to cope with my daily common problem and how to appreciate my own self. But this is not what I want to share here.

Ok. The story begin like this. Before back here (IPTS), I watched her show and that day it was about the "shlumpadinka" which mean women that don't care how they dress or has lost interest in fashion for their selves.

There are some story as well as comment after the show that I copy from here to share :

From mama2bubba :
I must be the worst SHLUMPADINKA I thought the women before looked dressed up compared to me!! I wear the same grey t shirt and blue jogging pants or I might switch up my mom uniform and wear a blue shirt and grey pants. I wear no make up. I had chapped lips one day and I put on lip stuff and the moms in the car line made a fuss over how I looked nice! Are they nuts? I never put lip stuff on again....I never wear make up and if I do my 9 year old son wants to know who died? Because most likely I am going to a funeral! LOL. my blush that I have is 18 years old. I don't buy myself anything. I have holes in my clothes, most of my socks, bras and underwear! I have one pair of dirty sneakers I wear all the time. I have a new pair but I think they are too clean and dressy looking to wear! It's hard for me to dress nice. I don't even have a dress or skirt in my wardrobe. I don't even have a dress outfit not even a dress pair of pants or dress jeans. To me if you wore jeans that would be dressy. My winter coat is a track coat. When I wear a basball hat I look like the comedian Carrot Top but with brown hair LOL! If I looked as good as the before women I would be thrilled! SO I really think I am the worst SHLUMPADINKA!!!!!!

From brneyed1 :
Yay! Someone like me! I too am a Single Slumpadinka. No husband, no kids. And when I'm at home, I am also a slob (too-big flannel PJs and men's sweatsocks!). My issue is that I never really learned how to put together an easy, comfortable look. Jeans and a sweatshirt have been a staple in my wardrobe for the past 20 years or more. (youch!) I don't want to look shlumpy, but I don't know how to stop! Oprah was talking about me when she said "You know you're a slumpadinka when you wear your gym shoes with regular clothes." That is me every day....I'm wearing my slacks and a turtleneck and some beat up gym shoes right now! I'm gonna have to go cold turkey and throw out all of my shlumadinka stuff. I'll be wearing the same three outfits until I buy new clothes! (smile)

And some of them have they own opinion about this "shlumpadinka" issues :

From oregon2228 :
Life is too short not to look cute, let other people try if that's what they want. Why not try and be supportive. If that's not you thing great but don't put other down for trying.

From nancy677 :
Please don't talk yourself in a depression! DOn't be ashamed, because of the clothes you wear. This whole show was extremely childish. It's not about how you look, it's about how you feel and how you live your life. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, shlumpah or not!

So do you think be the shlumpadinka person is very wrong?

Interesting comment from Bonita 87 :
Oprah is apparently unaware that the term "shlumpadinka" obviously derives from the Yiddish word "shlumpadik," meaning someone who dresses in a messy, sloppy way -- as in "he's a real shlumpadik." The words schlump and schlumpy also refer to someone who dresses in a messy, sloppy way.
It hurts to hear her unconsciously subsume the term. I'm sure I and lots of other Jews across the United States sat in front of our TVs with our jaws dropping, thinking Hey, there goes a piece of our history. It's important not to forget our ancestors and their cultural heritage, and to acknowledge their contributions. Oprah is so very good about speaking up when she feels she has made a mistake, and we respect her more for it -- I know I do. I wish she would acknowledge that she now knows the origins of her word "shlumpadinka". Surely I'm not the only person who is pointing this out -- I'm only amazed that nobody on the Harpo staff pointed this out before the show aired. When I mentioned to my husband Oprah's belief that she made up the word "shlumpadinka," he said, "I have another term Oprah can make up: oy vey."

And I agree with this :

From ub 12c1 :
don't consider myself a shlumpadinka. I don't wear my sweats, workout clothes or pj's out in public. However, when I go shopping I want comfortable shoes. Tennis shoes are comfortable! I don't want to be seen as a shlumpadinka because I want comfort over fashion! By the way, that patent leather, leopard flat was BUTT UGLY! My take: if it's too ugly to go with anything, it's ugly enough to go with everything!

Whatever your wear, it was your style. So, appreciate it.
tWiNkLe TwiNkLe LiTtLe sTar hErE


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