Friday, February 6, 2009

~tag culik~

she gave me the permission to take the tag from her page
and i copy this because it quite interesting

a) Two names you go by: dayu, yue
b) Two things you are wearing right now: t-shirt, track suit
c) Two things you want very badly at the moment: home cook, ASTRO channel as well as my own televison. hehe...
d) Two things you did last night just before bed: online, searching for material on "Tamadun Islam" information
e) Two thing you ate today: nasi, sweets

f) Two people you just spoke with: rina (my roomate) , lika (my classmate)
g) Two things you are doing tomorrow: go to the sport carnival, watch movies
h) Two longest car rides: from tawau to kudat, from tawau to kota kinabalu
i) Two favorite beverages: soya, juice
j) Two person who are chose to do this tag: riez, wantanho

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