Wednesday, February 4, 2009

~totally busted~

a girl busted today by a thing call
(let we spell it together)
You see this girl got 's' for that.
What it mean? Yup.
You are right.
but if you don't think
what exactly it is
that girl will tell you
"that mean a lot of assignment that i should
done by tomorrow"
with the depressed voice
go ahead girl
i said to her
Now still concentrate on that thing
take a rest for a little while in this
blogging corner and chatting with her friends in
YM a.k.a Yahoo messenger.
Received a news that make the girl smile.
A very very big smile in heart but still continue to complete it.
"The lecturer will not be around tomorrow to spot check the ISL task"
the girl : "sigh" what a relief...!


  1. HaYa said...
    so...keja pun ditinggal kan stlh mendengar berita itu, bukan...
    prasasti_puteri said...
    ~d buat juga tp x sempurna sgt...~

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