Thursday, April 23, 2009

~cry on my shoulder~

to someone,
i have problem with my Yahoo Messenger
all of us here have the same problem too
miss to chat with you
i mean it
hope it will be better soon
lot of story to share
and want to hear
from you too
till then
take care...!

ThE wOrLd'S HaPpiEsT FriEnDs
nEvEr hAvE ThE sAmE cHaRaCtErS
ThEy jUsT hAvE tHe BeSt uNdErsTaNdiNg
oF ThEiR diFfErEnCe..
iT tAkEs A LoT oF UnDeRsTaNdiNg,
TiMe aNd TrUsT tO GaiN
a cLoSe FriEnDsHiP wiTh sOmeOne...
aS i ApPrOaCh a TiMe oF My LifE
oF cOmpLeTe UncErTaiNtY,
mY fRiEnDs ArE mY mOsT
PrEciOuS aSsEt...
ThAnKs fOr BeiNg OnE ^^


  1. Mr Lee said...
    Wow,!!Wonderful blog.Coming to your blog We are very pleased to.
    Nice to meet you.We upload something about the works to the blog.
    We invite you to our blog.Look forward to your visit.Happy every day!
    prasasti_puteri said...
    to mr lee,

    ok. i'll visit ur blog soon...

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