Sunday, April 26, 2009

~half shopaholic~

today, i went to tawau city with miss ain. at the first place, actually i just want to accompany her to see her mom. i do love window shopping but i will always just go around and by none thing. no. i lie. i will buy a thing or two that catch my eye. even i do not know if i'm gonna use it or not. it always happen and i do not know how to prevent it. even if i knew that i do not have enough money to survive for a long journey until the next allowance. am i the type of half shopaholic? or not? or this is some disorder? gratefully, i still have enough saving to spend for this end of may holiday and save it until the next 2nd sem allowance.


  1. khaLifah feDi said...
    oooooooooooooic qm urg sabahan upernye!!!

    area maner ekk!!!
    prasasti_puteri said...
    to khaLifah feDi,

    ~pure sabahan...~

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