Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~so what?~

my classmate, mr jeffy a.k.a piri @ gaman (huh...! banyak betul nama ko ni...) always said this to me :
"Kenapa juga kamu mau simpan gambar orang yang kamu tak boleh jumpa ni?"
i just said to him:
"jadi kenapa?"
actually, i cannot describe how and why i can grow the interest on him as well as his group.
"ceh...! ko minat Manchester United pun sama juga.."
but, never tell him this.
hehe...same analogy right?
because of my interest Syazwanti said that i should find someone from there.
No way! I love Malaysia very much and I love Sabah.
"tapi kalau sudah jodoh, apa boleh buat kan kan!"
Suddenly, remember the Indonesia song in title "Cintaku Tertinggal di Malaysia" by Dewa

p/s: wish to see them one day even if that time they are in silver hair.

i'm the fan of this charming and loveable prince.


  1. khaLifah feDi said...
    emm law de jodoh xke mana!!!

    psst drop my blog skunk!!!
    Fiza said...
    hoho,minat kame ek..=)

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