Monday, April 27, 2009

~tag from rezz fukumoto~

1. insert this badge or picture above to inform u have been award
2. make sure u take the pic and said it from who?
3. tell 10 fact about u
4. choose 5 other bloggerz
5. go to their blog and tell them

tag from RIEZ (da sweet-adorable guy)

1. kawan kepada encik yang bagi tag.
2. pure sabahan
3. 1st sem for degree in education
4. love poetry very much
5. suka novel ++++
6. hearthrob : thriller movie, harry potter, japan and korean ost
7. fall for kamenashi kazuya and kat-tun
8. babling sometimes. opps...!
9. teacher-to-be
10. want to learn about photographing, behind the scene stories, cinematography etc.

this tag goes to:
1. miss hanie
2. wanty
3. sylvester (if u read this)
4. aizrena
5. HaYa


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