Saturday, May 30, 2009


i like to be alone
when i am alone i will think about many things
my mind will start walking and stretching
i love the feeling
of course alone is not really sweet every time
and me and myself
will not and never let the loneliness filled the emptiness
i still love to be alone
when i want everything gone
just for the time being

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I'm always feel loneliness
    when i feel someone in loneliness
    when i saw the loneliness of a heart
    The emptiness of a soul

    What I do?
    Then I has to feel my emptiness
    Course now i'm lonely
    Say what
    I should feel it with love
    Say what
    Do I have love

    Say me
    Yes and twice yess with tripple s
    But i dont know if it is enough
    to sufficient my vacant heart
    O I have to find the love again
    n again n I always find it
    May I find it another day with you
    O my.....

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