Friday, May 29, 2009

~i'm home...!!!~

for several day I cannot post anything here because I didn't have the internet connection at hostel. just a sudden, it gone. by the way, I now at home. rest in peace. sound weird! maybe, when I still in holiday I cannot keep in touch with this blog also causes by the internet connection. but, I hope I still manage to post anything here. Oh, ya! will be in holiday for 3 weeks. still don't have any plan to do but of course I will play around with my former classmate. also keep my promise.

by the way, happy holiday to all. have fun and enjoy it. do anything valuable. ^^


  1. taragang_saru said...
    people say "there's no place like home".indeed,they're right :)

    happy holiday to you :D
    prasasti_puteri said...
    to taragang_saru,

    ~yup, u right... ^^~
    ~happy holiday to u too...!~

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