Sunday, May 17, 2009

~Juara AF7~

Hafiz is the champion.
Aril at the 2nd place.
Akim is the 3rd.
Sadly, I did not managed to enjoy the last concert.
Just because there was no ASTRO here.
By the way, I am glad that I still have the result here ^^.
Even though I did not manage to see the show
for several weeks.
But, 1st impression is more important I guess.
I love the talent from Hafiz from the 1st week.
For Akim, the show that catch my eyes I guess from the 2nd week.
I cannot comment on them too much.
Because I do not have a lot of experience to see they show every weeks.
By the way, it was amazing that they have made it until this stage.


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