Monday, May 25, 2009

~one more to go~

Tomorrow, will be last day for my last paper for this 1st semester exam. After that, need to wait 3 day more for holiday. Oh! I can't wait that DAY to come. By the way, my Introduction for "Social Studies" today seem to be half though for me. Many babbling than tell the truth based on the fact. That is too many "Dayu Theory" here and there. No kidding. But I hope I will pass it even though without flying colour at all. How I wish I can get the great pointer. huh. Tomorrow paper maybe more though than today. I will never surrender okay. I want to be the survivor here (little funny mode here) Just answer the question even though the answer sound silly or just waste the examiner time to check it and read it. It is better rather than you left blank in your paper, right? Like you never study about that stuff at all. Okay! Set my mind to study for "Sociology and The Perspective of Social Studies" tonight.

la la la...sing with me Aaron Carter song entitle "I'm All About You"


  1. aianna said...
    yeahh lg satu paper...then leh chill habis-habisan..giv all out yue 4 the socio paper!chayok!
    prasasti_puteri said...
    to aianna,
    ~thank you, girl...!~
    ~will try my best for tomorrow...!~

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