Saturday, May 30, 2009


My life cycle is not bad enough for me until it make me feel shy to stand up and said that I'm proud of it and I like to be me. My life is not too bored that I can't enjoy it crazily. My life is not too harsh for me until it can makes me say I want to leave out from this kind of junk life. My life is not as sweet as candy like the person who ever they are that live in fairy tales with happily ever after ending. Even though I always hope it will be mine so. My life is not the predictable story line that everyone will know what will happen next or what should I do to prevent the mistake.

For me, my life is a gift. A treasure that i never ask for but God give it to me. The happiness and sorrow in between of my life is just the ingredient that help me to understand what a true live is. My life is a miracle in curse although I never attempt to understand everything that happen. I live in it without knowing what will happen next and that is a special reason for me to stay and look back.

So, for me everyone have they own life that maybe sometimes they don't want to but that what they are. Nobody can have what they want perfectly. Sometimes inside the perfect life of person that we thought really perfect enough, there are always have the imperfect in it.

~Live your life~


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