Monday, June 29, 2009

So desu ka? Irimasen ne...!
I heard it will be on air on July in Japan.
Hopefully, it will be here later.
ja... ^^

Hoedown Throwdown lyrics

Boom clap
Boom de clap de clap
Boom boom clap
Boom de clap de clap
Boom boom clap
Boom de clap de clap
Boom boom clap
Boom de clap de clap

Try it with me
Here we go,

Boom boom clap
Boom de clap de clap (woah-woah)
That's right
Boom de clap de clap
Boom boom clap
Boom de clap de clap (woah-woah)

Everybody come on, off your seats
I'm gonna tell you about a beat
That's gonna make you move your feet

I'll give the Bar-be-que show
And tell you how to move
If your five or eighty-two
This is something you can do (woah-woah)

Pop it, lock it
Polka dot it
Countrify then
Hip-hop it
Put your hawk in the sky
Move side to side
Jump to the left
Stick it, glide

Zig-zag cross the floor
Shuffle in diagonal
When the drum hits
Hands on your hips
One footed
180 twist

and then a,
Zig-zag, step n' slide
Lean it left
clap three times
Shake it out
Head to toe
Throw it all together
That's how we roll

Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Throw it all together
That's how we roll

We get to four, five, six
And your feeling busted
But it's not time to quit
Practice makes you perfect (woah-woah)

Pop it, lock it
Polka dot it
Countrify then
Hip-hop it
Put your hawk in the sky
Move side to side
Jump to the left
Stick it, glide

Zig-zag cross the floor
Shuffle in diagonal
When the drum hits
Hands on your hips
One footed
180 twist

and then a,
Zig-zag, step n' slide
Lean it left
clap three times
Shake it out
Head to toe
Throw it all together
That's how we roll

Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Throw it all together
That's how we roll

Boom de clap de clap
Boom boom clap
Come on
Here we go
Boom boom clap
Boom de clap de clap
Boom boom clap
Boom de clap

Pop it, lock it
Polka dot it
Countrify then
Hip-hop it
Put your hawk in the sky
Move side to side
Jump to the left
Stick it, glide

Zig-zag cross the floor
Shuffle in diagonal
When the drum hits
Hands on your hips
One footed
180 twist

and then a,
Zig-zag, step n' slide
Lean it left
clap three times
Shake it out
Head to toe
Throw it all together
That's how we roll

Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Throw it all together
That's how we roll

Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Throw it all together
That's how we roll

Boom de clap
Ba boom boom clap clap clap
Boom dot clap
Ba boom boom clap clap clap
Boom de clap
Boom de clap de clap
Throw it all together
That's how we roll

p/s: try the step, it is fun...!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I can't deny that they are my biggest influence to learn Japanesse. I'm on my way to learn it step by step right now. Without any wide references it was not as easy as I thought but when I learn a new word it always make me tremendously happy. Suddenly, I concern to learn 1 or 2 national language and make myself really fluent in that language. I have learn a little in Chinese, Arabic and of course English but I still cannot master all the language very well. Still in the beginner stage I guess and most of my vocabulary was gone by the time. OMG! How I can catch all that back again. Now, I start to think over how I can master all the language. It is not an easy programme I guess. By the way, just think about it make me concern what I should do today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Hope I can do it in no time.

p/s: suddenly, I also concern to learn my own language. Not the Bahasa Melayu but my own race language. I also a bit curious to learn it because it is part of me and part of the identity of my culture. I also hope can learn it in no time.

update...! 29 June 2009. Someone said to me why not try the other language too like France, Russian, America Latin and so on. OK! OK! I will...! But step by step. My memories is not a machine. ^^ Wakarimashta...


gobusata itashimashita!
i remember this when i saw the yummy-delicious chocolate drink
the team that done well with the ice cream experiment

my team. me? behind this digital box called camera

the boy team

Actually, it was not easy to make the ice cream.
My team just done half of the ice cream and the rest still in liquid condition.
It was quiet interesting and fun.
And for now and the rest of my life after that,
it was my unforgettable memory.
~Love them all~

my team for the last biology experiment.
About the specimen of living and plant species I guess.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hari ini ada kuliah. Kuliah ganti. Then, waktu subjek Pergerakan Asas secara tiba-tiba ada ujian untuk lari 2.4 KM. Tanpa ada sebarang persediaan yang konkrit kami cuba juga untuk menghadapinya. Ok juga la. Dapat juga semuanya sampai ke garisan penamat. Kemudian belajar pula Literasi Bahasa. Sangat menarik dan rakan-rakan sekelas pun agak terhibur nampaknya. Mujur jadual yang digunakan adalah jadual hari Jumaat maka kelas berakhir awal. Tetapi, petang ada acara sukaneka pula. Nampaknya hajat untuk merehatkan diri tidak kesampaian. Pada pukul 4 petang, semua pelajar IPTS berkumpul di padang hoki dan acara pun bermula. Semua nampak gembira dan sangat-sangat enjoy. Lebih kurang dalam pukul 5 petang semua acara sukaneka berantai itu tamat.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

When you have many siblings like mine you will find out that everybody is very unique. I'm the older 1 out of 7. So, I can proudly said that I see all of them grow up in front of me even it doesn't mean 24-hours-7 days-time-all-over-the-year. My siblings are very interesting I guess. They have they own behave. They have they own interest. They have they own skills, talent and so on. But, what I want to tell here not about what are the differences among them. I just want to say that although sometime they come up with they own mind they share a thing or two that they agree and no one even my parents can distract them for that. They are Korean entertainment addict. I don't know how they started it but I could see the influences among 6 of them. They fall for the Music Bank, Star Golden Challenge, 2 Days 1 Night and so on. They stick in front of the television together when the show is in the air. No one can interrupt them when the time come or you will see a big thunder full over after that. Even my 5 years-old younger sister know about the 2PM with the "Again and Again" song and "Honey Honey" from Kara.

Star Golden Bell Challenge
2 days 1 night

Basically, nobody will hesitate you without reason. Sometime they are just felt jealous with you or sometime you behave was inconvenience to them. So, for that reason you need to think over what make them hesitate you that much. Sometime after that long conversation between you and yourself you need to find out the best way ever to settle down or choose whether to change or stay to be as you are. In this very huge world, nobody is perfect right?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wake up siren for MPPB student around 4 something make me up too. That sound really interrupted my tight sleep. So, i continue to sleep for a while and wait my alarm clock to wake me up for the second time. Then, around 5 a.m. I woke up to recite my prayer and took bath after that. This morning was really fresh me up but also make my bed to call me land over because it was raining. You know it was really great to be under your blanket during this time, right? But, my tight schedule as a student with innocent voice calling me to be ready for today class. So, cannot say hello again to my bed and need to prepare myself. Suddenly, I'm looking forward for the rainbow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I knew I'm a little bit late to see this movie. OK. Really late for sure because the movie was publish on 2007 and I just be the viewer for this film 1 day ago. Yesterday on 22 June of 2009. See? Calculate it by yourself.

I love Ellen Page character as Juno in this movie. It was totally different from the other sweet-adorable-childish heroine. I like the way how she represent the Juno Mc Guff self as the student who want to make someone happy from the mistake that she did. She really lovely in this movie and really rock. She really love music and seem to know everything from the legend until the new one.

~Judging is better but see the lesson for sure~

Monday, June 22, 2009


tag from wanti

1. Ape perasaan anda sekarang?


2. Saya nak makan?

makanan yang hanya ada pada masa tertentu sahaja

3. Saya tak suka?

banyak perkara

4. Impian saya?

cuba mencapai apa yang ada dalam senarai

5. Haiwan yang saya tak suka?

yang berbulu

6. Saya harapkan?

impian jadi kenyataan

7. Jika boleh putarkan masa?

banyak nak fikir. pening.

8. Saya pada 10 tahun akan datang?

Sambung study?

9. Handphone saya adalah sebuah?

harta + nyawa + permata

10. Saya pernah bercinta sebanyak?

cinta yang bagaimana?

11. Saya suka pada?


12. Kawan-kawan saya?


13. Pernah dikhianati?

Yang bagaimana?

14. Apa yang anda hendak lakukan terhadap orang yang mengkhianati anda?

Sila sedar diri

15. tag 6 orang
  • riez
  • sylvester
  • mazhad
  • chentanuriz
  • miss aianna
  • wantanho

my classmates. siap sedia menerima arahan

Tadi lebih kurang dalam pukul 8:30 malam, semua pelajar IPTS diminta untuk ke kafeteria untuk menghadiri perjumpaan gerko. So, untuk semester ini, bagi pelajar-pelajar PISMP Semester 2 kami ada 4 pilihan untuk Sukan dan Permainan iaitu bola baling, bola jaring, skuasy dan sepak takraw. Sudah semestinya sepak takraw akan out of the list kan. Then kena pilih antara 3 itu lagi dan saya telah belajar ketiga-tiganya semasa dalam PPISMP dulu. Semester 1 belajar bola jaring, Semester 2 pula bola baling dan Semester 3 adalah Skuasy dan saya kurang meminati permainan-permainan ini. Jadi, saya dalam situasi tidak tahu mahu memilih yang mana 1. Hurmm... Nampaknya akan buat last decision before submit the form tomorrow.
Mungkin sebab saya lebih tertarik dengan badminton walaupun tidak melibatkan diri secara serius dengan acara ini, maka saya agak kurang berminat dengan acara lain. Kenangan dalam acara sukan ini hanya menjadi wakil sekolah sekali. But, hope I can make the choice. Lagipun, nanti pembahagian semula akan dilakukan juga oleh Panitia. So, just need to choose it I guess. Ok la. Nak tengok Bolt dulu.

Cuba teka saya berada di mana. Ya. Bagi yang mengikuti perkembangan saya pasti tahu saya sekarang berada di mana. Ceh! Perasan macam orang terkenal pula. Anyway, memang betul la kan setiap orang pasti ada seseorang yang akan ambil berat about that. I mean stranger la. People that do not in your blood relationship. Fahamkah? Kalau tak faham, buat-buat faham saja la. Honestly, 1st day kuliah ini sangat-sangat tidak bermaya. Sangat-sangat kurang motivasi untuk memulakan sesi kuliah bagi semester 2 ini. Mengapa begitu ya. Oh! Mungkin masih ada aura-aura cuti itu dalam diri. Sila hilangkan aura itu dan masukkan pula spirit mahu belajar itu. Aiseh! Kalaulah semudah itu. Oleh kerana pensyarah tidak masuk tadi maka memang kami semua membuang masa yang "amat berharga" itu di kelas. Tapi tidak bagi si Zati, Farhana dan Rachel yang terpilih untuk menjadi AJK MPPB. Semoga berjaya menjalankan tugas kamu dengan Cemerlang. Gemilang dan Terbilang ya!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Everyday, I will take a piece of you and suddenly I realize that there is still many piece of you that still I cannot fix it into my puzzle. Although it will make my puzzle incomplete but I'm happy because without it doesn't mean I know nothing about it. I don't care about the puzzle anymore.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

award from riez

tag, also from him.

list 9 name of person that across in your mind right now.
1. fredis
2. riez
3. sis ayuna
4. hanie
5. nelly
7. kamenashi kazuya
8. hafiz

how do you know 1?

my foster brother since 2006

what would you do if you never meet 2?

what would you do if 3 & 4 dated?
both are straight girl

would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
they are best pal to each other and they are straight person

do you think 7 is attractive?
from my first impression is yes! I'm not sure if I meet 7 in person

would you date 8?
nope. he just like my brother. sharing some secret etc.

tell me something about 9
friend from secondary school

what's 1's favourite past time?
sport and hang out with his friends

what language does 2 speaks?

who is 3 going out with?
human being LOL

how old is 4?
will turn 22 in july

when was the last time you talked to 5?
before holiday

who is 6's favorite singer?
I'm not really sure but she like music for sure

would you date 7?
dream come true ^^

is 8 single?
single but not available maybe

what's 9's last name?

hey, riez! I'm done with your tag ^^

Thursday, June 18, 2009


desktop background yang cun ^^
Walaupun pada awal cuti saya bercadang untuk menghabiskan masa dengan menonton movie-movie dan ost-ost terkumpul saya, tapi nampaknya misi itu tidak berjaya. Saya masih mempunyai banyak koleksi yang belum ditonton dan ditambah lagi dengan koleksi baru yang saya dapat dari adik saya. Saya sangat-sangat lambat untuk melihat kesemuanya walaupun rakan-rakan saya sudah pun khatam kesemuanya. Mengapa agaknya ya? Saya pun tidak tahu mengapa. Jadi, selepas cuti ini mungkin koleksi akan bertambah lagi. Aiseh...! Jadi bila nak dihabiskan yang lama itu. Mungkin perlu ada tarikan dari setiap movie atau ost tersebut. Ya. Saya rasa ini faktor utama. Kebiasaannya, kebanyakkan movie atau ost yang menjadi pilihan utama saya ialah thriller and horror (terutamanya filem hantu la ni coz boleh habis 1 hari saja), ost Jepun (terutamanya kalau jalan cerita best and of course la kalau pelakonnya si Kamenashi Kazuya. Boleh spend almost 1 day to settle down with the story), then of course la kalau yang tidak mengambil masa yang lama (tidak tahan untuk melihat ost yang sambung-sambung tu).
Lagipun, rancangan televisyen banyak yang menarik. So, rasa agak malas untuk membuka laptop kecuali untuk online. Ya la, nanti balik IP bukan boleh tengok semua tu. Will miss CSI tak kira la New York ka Miami, Midsomer Murder, Oprah Winfrey Show, semua rancangan kartun and banyak lagi la. History Channel, National Geographic etc. Dalam erti kata lain, bila di IP agak sukar untuk bersenang lenang melihat televisyen lagipun rasanya televisyen itu masih belum dapat digunakan lagi or else just TV1, TV2 and TV 3 punya channel ja yang available. Entah la tu. Makanya, mahu melihat sakan rancangan televisyen di rumah sebelum mengaktifkan diri untuk membuat tugasan, projek dan segalanya di IP nanti. Pasti sangat sibuk itu. Jadi, saya mahu relax lagi sebelum berdepan dengan stress itu.

hujan bertandang mengganti panas yang membara semenjak dua menjak ini

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tadi, sempat singgah sebentar melihat rancangan America Next Top Model. Singgah sebentar? Ya la, sebab saya tengah tengok cerita pasal Body Language di History Channel. Bahasa badan memang best. Hei! Important ni untuk pelakon-pelakon or apa-apa ja la. Yang paling penting in communication la.

OK. Sambung balik cerita tadi. Macam biasalah bakal-bakal model ni a.k.a peserta memang akan tinggal kat tempat yang full 5 bintang gitu kan. Then, nak dijadikan cerita dorang semua ada dalam 13 something la. Masalahnya, katil cuma ada 11. Kalau tak silap info la. Jadi, on this case siapa cepat dia dapat la kan. Siapa yang tak dapat katil kenalah pandai-pandai sendiri serve yourself. But, ada seorang contestant ni bikin hot betul la attitude dia. Dia cakap "Saya tak akan tidur tanpa katil." nada sombong gila gitu. Tapi dalam english la. Mana dia reti cakap Melayu.

Then, suka hati dia. Entah siapa ajar cara survive yang bikin menyampah gila tu kat dia. Dia pilih satu katil yang kebetulan orangnya pergi mandi then pindahkan barang orang tu kat katil lain yang dah ada orang. Dia boleh dengan selambanya pula bagitau kat cameraman yang dia pindahkan barang tu dengan cara baik. Then, ni part paling hantu la saya rasa bila dia tuang air kat atas katil tu dengan alasan pemilik katil sebelum dia ambil tempat tu takkan mahu lagi tempat tu.

Lepas tu, saya pindah channel lain la. Tak kuasa nak tengok. Macam budak-budak pula. So, kalau kamu la kan jadi orang Amerika sana, kamu undi tak perempuan tu. Tak ingat pula nama dia. Attitude tu "mahal" gila. Kalau menang pun tapi tiada orang offer kerja tak guna juga.

~pandangan saya~

pilihan dan kita. 2 perkara yang seia sekata. berpisah hanya membawa satu pengakhiran pada sebuah pengharapan. pilihan, mungkin ada yang tersilap langkah dan ada yang mendapat langkah kanan. ironinya, pilihan itu sesuatu yang hidup. pilihan tidak mati melainkan jika kita cuba mematikannya. hidup tanpa pilihan ibarat nyawa sekadar ada pada jasad tapi jiwa kosong selayaknya arca tiada nadi. pilihan, kadang sukar kerana memilih antara 2 akan membawa akibat yang berbeza. dalam hidup, memang tidak mungkin untuk tidak membuat pilihan. mungkin pilihan kita cuma satu tapi perkara itu masih atas nama pilihan.

saya, dalam menelurusuri denai-denai kehidupan. berjumpa dengan cabang-cabang perjalanan. saya memilih laluan ini. yang masih samar akan membawa saya ke mana akhirnya walaupun destinasinya adalah pasti.

kamu bagaimana? mungkin pilihan itu yang akan memilih kamu. keajaiban itu ada. maka, jangan berhenti untuk percaya.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

just a simple note for you:

stay calm
nothing to be worry
just have fun
learn new thing
make new friends
gain your knowledge
make it as a chapter in your life
and never forget to be yourself

from the bottom of my heart

16 Jun - 5 September

I understand this romaji ^^

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sekadar di penjuru sepi
melaung rasa hati
Kamu dengarkah?
Kamu fahamkah?
Tiada bicara seindah pawana
Tiada madah diam tanpa canda
Hati tidak ingin mati
Nadi tidak mahu pergi
Detik lesu beranjak
Waktu ingin berulang pulang
Suntuk kian hampir
Takut makin subur
Kabur terasa dekat

*sedang layan lagu FT Island tajuk After Love

12 Jun
Pergi ke bank BSN untuk mengambil kad ATM. Harap-harap ada sebab pegawai yang urus hari itu cakap "Sila datang kembali 2 minggu lagi ye..."Dan hari ini baru 1 minggu. Jadi, masuk bank terus pergi kaunter. Nasib baik tidak ramai orang masa itu. Tanya dekat kakak yang jaga kaunter dan dia kata kad saya sudah ada. Kena ambil nombor untuk urusan pengambilan kad itu. Seperti yang telah saya katakan, tidak ramai orang masa itu. Maka saya tidak perlu menunggu lama. Tidak lama selepas itu, saya telah mendapat kad ATM saya yang baru. Jadi, Insya Allah selepas ini masalah kad cip tidak dapat dibaca tidak akan berlaku lagi.

p/s: Kad baru itu berwarna kuning. Kad sebelum ini lebih menawan. Biru.

*kembali ke masa kini

Saya sedang runsing dengan keputusan peperiksaan. Tidak pasti dengan gred saya. Tidak yakin untuk mendapat pointer yang baik. Paling menggerunkan sekiranya terpaksa mengulang semula kertas peperiksaan. Moga-moga yang baik-baik saja.

bila malam sinar terang
cahaya bulan jadi teman
dan bintang gemerlapan
berkilauan dari kejauhan
bagai berkata angin lalu
"senyumlah selalu walau payah"
dan terukirlah pada wajah
seakan mengerti bisik itu

Thursday, June 11, 2009

~i wonder why~

Don't you ever think about why you fall for something?I do.But always ended up with more question and thinking a lot make me feel that I'm very full of curiosity.
concern to study Japanesse.
Minna-san! who wanna be my sensei?
I promise I will be a good student ^^

Hati kian resah. Membilang istirehat yang bakal berakhir. Menghitung masalah yang seakan kian memuncak. Menilai beban di pundak. Bagai mahu diakhiri saja segalanya. Bagai mahu membuang segalanya. Tapi, tiada apa yang ada tanpa adanya semua itu. Mencari sesuatu di antara kelam sedang tiada petunjuk dan tanpa tanda untuk hala tuju seterusnya. Perlukah terus dibiarkan pertanyaan menyelubungi atau biarkan misteri terungkai sendiri?

~biar pun masa bergerak meninggalkan pergi, namun ada debu-debu ingatan masih melekat di situ~

Hey kamu! Sudah-sudahlah bermenung ^^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sometimes when you know you will be separate with someone whom you care, you try not to be too close just because you don't want any heart will hurt.

Shuji, Nobuta Wo Produce

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

~permata hati~

walau di mana berada berkilaulah dengan sinar terang kerana aku ingin melihatmu dan mencarimu dari kilau yang terpancar itu

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I tell myself to be strong again and again
I tell myself nothing to be worry when my heart say I'm wrong
I keep singing and laughing although my heart is crying inside
I keep my face in glad even though the tears always want to flow
I keep thinking to redo everything and everyday but still useless
I always mention to myself that I will be alright but that is a lie
I still don't know what to do and think about
I just want the fate tremendously change
I just want to feel the relief inside me and no worry more

She is my friend since my childhood. My classmate in SUI class. Classmate since Form 1 until Form 3. Even though I'm not really close with her but we still can chatting and so on when we meet or bumped into each other. Today is her wedding day. I never thought that time fly so fast. Like just yesterday me and her become friend. So, for the moment of yours.

"Congratulation On Your Wedding. Live Happily Ever After"
"Thank You For The Invitation Card ^^"

Friday, June 5, 2009

i never knew that will happen to me
i never knew the story from other will happen to me
i never thought i will have the same story
i never thought it gonna be in my list
i never ever dream it will be in my memoir
i only hope it is just my dream
i still hope someone will wake me up from this nightmare
and i only hope it will disappear
like the day and night when it over

What I don't like about modern thing and technology is when it come to useless. I mean every thing have the expired even though it is the technology and sometime have the bad side.

Yesterday, I go to bank just to renew my Bank card. It make me in trouble when I want to take the money since last year but ignored it because I still can use it. But since this early month the thing really troublesome. The chip cannot be read and that make me feel really awful. Just hope I can get the new one before I go back to IP or else I will in trouble again for a few months.

Then, I like to congrats my junior for won the singing competition. She will represent Sabah at Kuala Lumpur soon. My holiday seem to be good right now. But still need some space to relax myself and felt like in vacuum space alone.

Hey! Let put the sneaker on and go to the party...!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

hidup kamu itu indah atau tidak biarkan sahaja
kamu hanya perlu melaluinya
kamu hanya perlu tabah
biar tiada putus asa
biar tidak pernah tangis itu menenggelamkan tawa
kamu perlu kuat
biar itu bukan jalan yang kamu mahu
walau itu bukan cerita yang kamu lukis
biar di depan ada denai yang sempit
biar di depan ada duri yang meranjau
kamu tahu kamu perlu melaluinya
meskipun diri kamu sudah lemah
meskipun jiwa kamu hilang daya
kamu perlu tahu
hidup kadang kala memilih kamu

~saya sendiri tidak kuat untuk menerima hakikat hidup perlu ada pancaroba kerana saya tidak kuat. kamu di luar sana, tiupkan semangat kekuatan di hati saya. saya rasa saya tidak kuat sekarang ini. diri hampir jatuh. jiwa saya kusut. biar saya lega walau untuk seketika.~

medley lagu sedih

harap ada cahaya di hujung sana
bila kelam di permulaan
buat jiwa saya kepayahan
yang buat dajal itu
sumpahan saya abadi bersamamu
jadi badi selamanya

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

~back on stage~

Today, my junior from my former school will take part in singing competition. She will represent the school as well as this state (correct me if i'm wrong) . The competition will be held at Keningau and I do not know very well the exact place for the competition. So for Fida Farhana, "Good Luck Dear...!"

Saya selalu mengharapkan ada keajaiban yang akan berlaku bila saya ditimpa musibah. Saya selalu rasa saya tidak kuat untuk menghadapi dugaan dan rintangan itu. Saya sering merasakan setiap musibah itu sesuatu yang menggambarkan nasib malang saya. Saya selalu beranggapan yang saya tidak sebertuah mereka-mereka yang kamu gelarkan bertuah itu.

Keajaiban jarang berlaku walaupun saya berharap itu akan selalu berlaku. Musibah tetap akan datang walaupun saya berharap dia tidak akan pernah datang. Saya gelar diri Si Malang yang akan sukar bertemu dengan tuahnya. Saya mahu keajaiban itu menjelma walaupun itu hanya akan jadi fantasi.

~diri ingin bebas berlabuh di lautan dunia~

Hi guys...! kan betul kalau sudah di rumah ni jarang lah mo update. Anyway, I have none recent visitor so i don't think I will a bit disappoint if I cannot update anything here. By the way, thank you for my rare visitor as well as my reader or silent reader etc. Anyway, a lot of thing happened but I don't think I will reveal it here. Let me save it in my memory coz i don't think I want to remember about it. So, just pray for my happiness-luckiest-braveness and so on. i miss all of you a lot and that is for sure.

p/s: I lost my memory that I can't search back or have the duplicate of it. So, when I think of it I felt a bit thunder in my heart and felt it gonna blew my head.

@.@ just in my case i don't think the luminol liquid really helpful.