Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hi guys...! kan betul kalau sudah di rumah ni jarang lah mo update. Anyway, I have none recent visitor so i don't think I will a bit disappoint if I cannot update anything here. By the way, thank you for my rare visitor as well as my reader or silent reader etc. Anyway, a lot of thing happened but I don't think I will reveal it here. Let me save it in my memory coz i don't think I want to remember about it. So, just pray for my happiness-luckiest-braveness and so on. i miss all of you a lot and that is for sure.

p/s: I lost my memory that I can't search back or have the duplicate of it. So, when I think of it I felt a bit thunder in my heart and felt it gonna blew my head.

@.@ just in my case i don't think the luminol liquid really helpful.


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