Thursday, June 25, 2009

When you have many siblings like mine you will find out that everybody is very unique. I'm the older 1 out of 7. So, I can proudly said that I see all of them grow up in front of me even it doesn't mean 24-hours-7 days-time-all-over-the-year. My siblings are very interesting I guess. They have they own behave. They have they own interest. They have they own skills, talent and so on. But, what I want to tell here not about what are the differences among them. I just want to say that although sometime they come up with they own mind they share a thing or two that they agree and no one even my parents can distract them for that. They are Korean entertainment addict. I don't know how they started it but I could see the influences among 6 of them. They fall for the Music Bank, Star Golden Challenge, 2 Days 1 Night and so on. They stick in front of the television together when the show is in the air. No one can interrupt them when the time come or you will see a big thunder full over after that. Even my 5 years-old younger sister know about the 2PM with the "Again and Again" song and "Honey Honey" from Kara.

Star Golden Bell Challenge
2 days 1 night


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