Sunday, June 28, 2009

I can't deny that they are my biggest influence to learn Japanesse. I'm on my way to learn it step by step right now. Without any wide references it was not as easy as I thought but when I learn a new word it always make me tremendously happy. Suddenly, I concern to learn 1 or 2 national language and make myself really fluent in that language. I have learn a little in Chinese, Arabic and of course English but I still cannot master all the language very well. Still in the beginner stage I guess and most of my vocabulary was gone by the time. OMG! How I can catch all that back again. Now, I start to think over how I can master all the language. It is not an easy programme I guess. By the way, just think about it make me concern what I should do today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Hope I can do it in no time.

p/s: suddenly, I also concern to learn my own language. Not the Bahasa Melayu but my own race language. I also a bit curious to learn it because it is part of me and part of the identity of my culture. I also hope can learn it in no time.

update...! 29 June 2009. Someone said to me why not try the other language too like France, Russian, America Latin and so on. OK! OK! I will...! But step by step. My memories is not a machine. ^^ Wakarimashta...


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