Friday, June 5, 2009

~put your sneaker on~

What I don't like about modern thing and technology is when it come to useless. I mean every thing have the expired even though it is the technology and sometime have the bad side.

Yesterday, I go to bank just to renew my Bank card. It make me in trouble when I want to take the money since last year but ignored it because I still can use it. But since this early month the thing really troublesome. The chip cannot be read and that make me feel really awful. Just hope I can get the new one before I go back to IP or else I will in trouble again for a few months.

Then, I like to congrats my junior for won the singing competition. She will represent Sabah at Kuala Lumpur soon. My holiday seem to be good right now. But still need some space to relax myself and felt like in vacuum space alone.

Hey! Let put the sneaker on and go to the party...!


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