Friday, July 31, 2009

I believe that life is full of miracle-coincidence-unexpectable thing, although sometime it will turn to be the other side. But that is what life really is. There are some people that I never meet in person and do not know them very well, but they can make me smile and fall for them. My one and only younger brother pursued me to listen to them and I fall for this song.

ni men ne?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

i miss everything
i miss the turtle + pear
just a simple note
"gambatee kudasai onii-chan....!"

Friday, July 24, 2009

I love (aishiteru) the 10 Years of Westlife - Live At The Croke Park concert very much. I already watch it over and over again because I love it damn much! The whole concert was AWESOME! Guys! you really make it. Even though I cannot be there but when I watched the concert I felt like I just among 1 of the fan in the huge sea of people. My heart pounding when they appeared on the stage. 4 men in black begun the concert. Enjoy it very much... ^^
For a little while I forgot exactly why I adore Westlife so much, how I fall for them, what made them so brilliant for me. Westlife is about gorgeous, melodious song, show-stopping ballads and the occasional catchy uptempo, and I mean it this time. I bet all the big fan of this boy band(even though Shane and Nicky already be father) will agree with me. This concert is truly a celebration of ten years of Westlife at the very top, but more so a celebration of timeless, evergreen song, brilliant Westlife ballads, and every fan will start crying at some point of the concert, it's like looking back at the phenomenal band you helped make famous, and make you alert about entertainment the most, whose songs you sang along to and whose records you killed to buy. It awesome when you grow up with the feeling and when you look back at the past you will smile alone. *sigh "I'm smiling right now... ^^" Then, you will compare them to the other boy band nowaday. Even though I'm not a very big fan of Westlife but still they song always catch my heart easily.
my favourite ^^
without Brian

with Brian

p/s: Brian Mc Fadden song "Everything But You" is awesome! Listen it ^^

Monday, July 20, 2009

~totally LOST~

all in one. perfect. ^^

what is this for ya?

I- Phone

OK. Take a deep breath. I lost my idea right now. I have done my assignment actually but still not feel good about it. I search some image to tell you how much my brain now was jammed. But, I found this ^^. An I-Phone and the mp3 (in Japan only -.- ) かわいいです ^^


what a... (speechless)
Today, I woke up a little bit late.
My body don't felt like want to go to class.
At class for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd period, I can't concentrate on the lecture.
My body, my mind and my soul going somewhere that I don't know where is it.
Glad that the rest after that was free. ^^

free at afternoon class ^^
no class at the evening ^^

because I don't felt that I really really want to go to class today.

p/s: still have an assignment to submit tomorrow but my mind darn tired right now. Another holiday perhaps?

want to enjoy they song now because
tired + bored + not in mood

currently listen
"I'm already there"
"Pictures in my head"
"Maybe tomorrow "
very very meaningful lyric

Sunday, July 19, 2009

hi guys...! irasshaimase...! Tokyo Dome ya ni ikitai desu ^^! Hope to see them here. About my weekend, spend it with double movie from Madagascar. Double triple assignment that need to be done by tomorrow. Surfing while the internet is running quick not in slow motion. I'm glad... ^^. Chatting with my friendster friend. Yesterday, take part in car wash business. Really tired and want to sleep as quick as possible last night. But, only hit the sack when it was 2 a.m. Wow...! I wonder why I can fit my sweet dream last night. By the way, how about you? My onii-san doing well in their work and I hope it will be continue until the end of the Summer. Gambatee ne...!

OK. Need to search idea what am I gonna do with my assignment. Minna-san. Yoroshiku onegaisimas...!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

when it turned to be like that
i wonder if i strong enough for that
in case i do hope i will
believe me
i will never forget every moment
with you
unless my mind caught by Alzheimer
still cannot forgive myself
for what already happened
as the time goes by
i wonder how will my life turn out

Friday, July 17, 2009


how can i say it with smile?
i just can hold the tears outside
i can't hold the tears inside
i wonder how long this gonna be
i should try
i won't

baka ne!




Thursday, July 16, 2009

the act

on air

please tell me it was awesome

Saya tahu kamu sudah sihat. Saya tahu kamu sudah tidak seperti dulu. Saya gembira. Tapi dalam ini, hati ini, minda ini, masih rindu dengan kamu yang dulu.

Kamu pergi tidak akan kembali. Kamu hilang tanpa pesan. Kamu, di mana mampu saya cari?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i lost myself in the downtown memory. search myself in the overwhelming dark ocean. i lay the truth within the lies. i comfort my heart although it will never be done.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

suddenly, i felt a huge sadness in my heart. i just want to let the tears out, but it don't want to flow away. i want to scream as loud as i could but i couldn't. i want you back to me, but that impossible. i do hope a miracle will happen but that out of my reach. i wish i learn how to care you more but now it is too late. i want to be with you together as forever as i can. but now, i just can stand within the memories and i lie down my hope there. to meet you again is my hope for every part of my breath. i just hope that something will change everything to be in the exact way as you are. i miss you. really miss you so much.

suddenly, the tears inside make my heart hurt. i miss my laptop content very very much. go to hell the blue screen or whatever it is.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Finally, I got my result for Semester 1. Not in flying colour. So, I'm not as happy as I should. Luckily, I have no repeat paper to be done. Hope this chain of luck will have the continuity. My faraway friend congrate me for that result but honestly I don't feel like I'm glad with that result. By the way, live is a fortune. I try to think positive as well as I can. I try 愛する my result and perhaps I will get more better result after this. Just hope.

Kind of busy with the non-stop coming assignment. I feel a bunch of variety thinking in my brain neuron right now. Hope I can gain more "self-achievement".

~yoroshiku onegaishimas... ^^~

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

~owe tag... ^^~

1. Besides lips, where is your favourite spot to get kiss?
~no comment.~

2. How do you feel when you wake up this morning?
~I wonder what will happen today~

3. Who was the last person you took photo with?
~recently, no photo taking ^^

4. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
~just when I felt down~

5. Would you ever donate blood?
~If i get the chance and be at the right place and time, why not?~

6. Have you ever had a bestfriend who was the opposite sex?

7. Do you want someone dead?
~no way!~

8. What does the last message say?
~"yup. Tanaka was the hero...I juz watch once, n can't really remember what da story all about. hehe. Ah, i should edit my profile. need to remv smthg. Hehe"~

9. What are you thinking right now?
~this tag question?~

10. Do you wish someone with you right now?

11. What time you went to bed last night?
~almost midnight~

12. Where did you buy the t-shirt you're wearing now?
~not remember~

13. Is someone in your mind?
~honestly, yup~

14. Who was the last person who texted you?

15. 10 people tagged to do this quiz :

1. Kamenashi Kazuya
2. Hafiz
3. HaYa
4. Peminat
5. Miss Ayu
6. Zatie
7. miss aianna
8. Riez
9. Sylvester
10. Nakamaru Yuichi

16. Who is 2 having relationship with?
~he is single~

17. Is 3 male or female?
~ female~

18. If 3 & 5 get together, would it be a good thing?
-~both of them are ladies~

19. What is 1 studying about?
~not study. work already.~

20. When was the last time you had a chat with 5?

21. Is 4 single?
~i don't know~

22. Say something about 2?
~my sweet-adorable ex-junior and now friend~

23. What do you think about 3 & 6 being together?
~i don't think it will work~

24. Describe 1.
~not really handsome but sweet~

25. What will you do if 5 & 6 fight?

26. Do you like 5?
~as friend. Yup~

27. Who is 7 to you?
~my blog friend~

28. Is 7 & 2 enemy?

29. Do you love 10?

30. What do you do if 8 decided to commit suicide?
~i don't think he will~

9. How long have you been friends with 9?
~i don't remember~

32. Say something random to them. 1-10.

1. Gambate ne for the concert

2. Get well soon

3. How your day?

4. Good luck in UUM

5. Have a nice day ^^

6. Keep blogging

7. Good luck in your study

8. Be the dancing prince in UMT. I'm looking forward for it ^^

9. How UMS?

10. Looking forward for the birthday date ^^

Hi...! Lately, my entries always focus on how I really want to learn and my addict with Japan. But still my heart is Malaysia. Nothing can replace that. Recently, when I always talk about it I don't think people will judge me in the same way. By the way, the responses that I got really make me felt great even not all of it is positive. I don't really see me as the Japan addict but this just a new world for me to explore. I like adventure but my condition for now not really support me into that. So, why not I just ready for it step by step. I think it will be useful soon.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What do you think? Tomohisa Yamashita is always be the heartthrob even since he was a teenager. The blue shirt I capture from his drama entitle P.P.O.I and as usual it is based on manga. The story is great for that time. Everyone in that drama grow up being great. Nakamaru Yuichi and Akanishi Jin also have role in it. It is fun when you see how different they acting during they still new in the industry and when they are mature in the entertainment industry. Anyway, it drag me to a new addist. Guess what? Suddenly I want to search all the old movie or drama that consist the artist that I know right now. It sound fun and interesting but of course it will be challenging because I still cannot find the site to download the 1st drama by Kamenashi Kazuya even though he is not the main character but it will be fun I guess. I will find the same result for the other I guess. Yue! Gambatee ne...! OK. Till then. Sayonara. ^^

Here, I want to say thank you to Miss Ayuna for the wallpaper that you make for me. Kawaie ne! Ai the person in that picture. (don't feel to upload it here! gomen ne!)

Remember that I already told you that I want to learn Japanese? Well, I'm on my way right now. Take a single step and you will find out something that beyond your imagination before. I never thought that I will want to learn it. It kind of difficult at first. Especially how to pronounce it properly. I think it sound weird when I try to let the voice out. Beside that, I don't have any guidance to correct me if I'm wrong. But, I'm not really concern about that. As long as I can learn it and understand it after this. I'm happy for myself. This is my own achievement and I'm glad that I can be on this stage. Beside learn how to pronounce, I also learn how to write. It is not as easy as you see the word is. I have learn how to write the Chinese character and for me it is more easier than try to write the Hiragana word. It is for the kid in Japanese as well as the new learner like me. Anyway, now when I watch the Japan drama and I understand some of it word without looking the subtitle under of it, I felt glad. It the same when I laugh watching the Chinese drama because it was more funny when you translate the real meaning of what they are saying. I know it will took me a long time to master it. But, I will.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

~life is great~

In your life there are several question that need you to concern what the answer look like. Sometime it need you to think about lot of thing and consider the pro as well as the con. Everyone looking and searching for the best in their life. No one want to be in the suck situation in their life. But sooner or later you need to face everything that going on and you know that it will make you more matured than you are now.

I believe everything that happened in our life have they own reason.
Our co-incidence meet also has the reason but we still searching for it.
We share the laugh and sorrow even we are apart.
Felt great and better even we cannot meet each other face to face.
Life is full of surprise and venture.
Just need a little strength and a big heart to make it success.
Life is more meaningful when we know someone will always beside us whatever we do.
I do hope I have the person right now.
Or maybe I already have it but I don't realize it.
Who know?

For a couple of day, I'm not in mood to post any entry here. Anyway, there is some picture that I want to share about what am I doing beside not posting any here. I know that not everyone is fit with my addict right now. But, just for the time to flow gomen ne minna-san. I love them very much.

cartoon kat-tun show ^^ really have fun with it
my new friendster layout
who that guy?

Just if I have another path that I should go, I hope that place still have you.