Friday, July 24, 2009

~give them a big applause~

I love (aishiteru) the 10 Years of Westlife - Live At The Croke Park concert very much. I already watch it over and over again because I love it damn much! The whole concert was AWESOME! Guys! you really make it. Even though I cannot be there but when I watched the concert I felt like I just among 1 of the fan in the huge sea of people. My heart pounding when they appeared on the stage. 4 men in black begun the concert. Enjoy it very much... ^^
For a little while I forgot exactly why I adore Westlife so much, how I fall for them, what made them so brilliant for me. Westlife is about gorgeous, melodious song, show-stopping ballads and the occasional catchy uptempo, and I mean it this time. I bet all the big fan of this boy band(even though Shane and Nicky already be father) will agree with me. This concert is truly a celebration of ten years of Westlife at the very top, but more so a celebration of timeless, evergreen song, brilliant Westlife ballads, and every fan will start crying at some point of the concert, it's like looking back at the phenomenal band you helped make famous, and make you alert about entertainment the most, whose songs you sang along to and whose records you killed to buy. It awesome when you grow up with the feeling and when you look back at the past you will smile alone. *sigh "I'm smiling right now... ^^" Then, you will compare them to the other boy band nowaday. Even though I'm not a very big fan of Westlife but still they song always catch my heart easily.
my favourite ^^
without Brian

with Brian

p/s: Brian Mc Fadden song "Everything But You" is awesome! Listen it ^^


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