Sunday, July 19, 2009

hi guys...! irasshaimase...! Tokyo Dome ya ni ikitai desu ^^! Hope to see them here. About my weekend, spend it with double movie from Madagascar. Double triple assignment that need to be done by tomorrow. Surfing while the internet is running quick not in slow motion. I'm glad... ^^. Chatting with my friendster friend. Yesterday, take part in car wash business. Really tired and want to sleep as quick as possible last night. But, only hit the sack when it was 2 a.m. Wow...! I wonder why I can fit my sweet dream last night. By the way, how about you? My onii-san doing well in their work and I hope it will be continue until the end of the Summer. Gambatee ne...!

OK. Need to search idea what am I gonna do with my assignment. Minna-san. Yoroshiku onegaisimas...!


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