Tuesday, July 14, 2009

~i miss you very very much~

suddenly, i felt a huge sadness in my heart. i just want to let the tears out, but it don't want to flow away. i want to scream as loud as i could but i couldn't. i want you back to me, but that impossible. i do hope a miracle will happen but that out of my reach. i wish i learn how to care you more but now it is too late. i want to be with you together as forever as i can. but now, i just can stand within the memories and i lie down my hope there. to meet you again is my hope for every part of my breath. i just hope that something will change everything to be in the exact way as you are. i miss you. really miss you so much.

suddenly, the tears inside make my heart hurt. i miss my laptop content very very much. go to hell the blue screen or whatever it is.


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