Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~i'm a new learner~

Remember that I already told you that I want to learn Japanese? Well, I'm on my way right now. Take a single step and you will find out something that beyond your imagination before. I never thought that I will want to learn it. It kind of difficult at first. Especially how to pronounce it properly. I think it sound weird when I try to let the voice out. Beside that, I don't have any guidance to correct me if I'm wrong. But, I'm not really concern about that. As long as I can learn it and understand it after this. I'm happy for myself. This is my own achievement and I'm glad that I can be on this stage. Beside learn how to pronounce, I also learn how to write. It is not as easy as you see the word is. I have learn how to write the Chinese character and for me it is more easier than try to write the Hiragana word. It is for the kid in Japanese as well as the new learner like me. Anyway, now when I watch the Japan drama and I understand some of it word without looking the subtitle under of it, I felt glad. It the same when I laugh watching the Chinese drama because it was more funny when you translate the real meaning of what they are saying. I know it will took me a long time to master it. But, I will.


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