Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~just want to feel relief~

What do you think? Tomohisa Yamashita is always be the heartthrob even since he was a teenager. The blue shirt I capture from his drama entitle P.P.O.I and as usual it is based on manga. The story is great for that time. Everyone in that drama grow up being great. Nakamaru Yuichi and Akanishi Jin also have role in it. It is fun when you see how different they acting during they still new in the industry and when they are mature in the entertainment industry. Anyway, it drag me to a new addist. Guess what? Suddenly I want to search all the old movie or drama that consist the artist that I know right now. It sound fun and interesting but of course it will be challenging because I still cannot find the site to download the 1st drama by Kamenashi Kazuya even though he is not the main character but it will be fun I guess. I will find the same result for the other I guess. Yue! Gambatee ne...! OK. Till then. Sayonara. ^^

Here, I want to say thank you to Miss Ayuna for the wallpaper that you make for me. Kawaie ne! Ai the person in that picture. (don't feel to upload it here! gomen ne!)


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