Thursday, July 2, 2009

~life is great~

In your life there are several question that need you to concern what the answer look like. Sometime it need you to think about lot of thing and consider the pro as well as the con. Everyone looking and searching for the best in their life. No one want to be in the suck situation in their life. But sooner or later you need to face everything that going on and you know that it will make you more matured than you are now.

I believe everything that happened in our life have they own reason.
Our co-incidence meet also has the reason but we still searching for it.
We share the laugh and sorrow even we are apart.
Felt great and better even we cannot meet each other face to face.
Life is full of surprise and venture.
Just need a little strength and a big heart to make it success.
Life is more meaningful when we know someone will always beside us whatever we do.
I do hope I have the person right now.
Or maybe I already have it but I don't realize it.
Who know?


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