Monday, August 31, 2009

source :

where we belong

love + peace = unity

we know how we survive
and we do know how to maintain it
appreciate it with honor

Happy Independence day
52 years

Saturday, August 29, 2009

~you're the one~

The answers appear when no one really know about u

[A] 4 names people call you :

Faizah/Dayu (friends ^^)
Fie (family name)
Kakak (my siblings and my foster brother as well as my junior in high school)
Yue-chan (my old friends and my friendster friends)

[B] 4 places you have lived :

☺Kampung Bengkongan, Kota Marudu
Kampung Brunei, Membakut
Asrama SMK (A) Limauan
Asrama SMK Membakut

[C] 4 jobs you have had in your life :

Jobless person

[D] 4 movies you could watch over and over :

All Kamenashi Kazuya drama and film
Talk show (all kind)
Music Hits

[E] 4 TV shows you love to watch :

All CSI series
Cartoons (I just love it very much. Cannot pick up which 1)
Talk show

[F] 4 places you have been on vacation :

Tanjung Aru
Kampung Bambangan

[G] 4 websites you visit daily (or semi-weekly) :

my beloved blog
friendster (haha… still stick with this even my friends already addicted with facebook)
berita harian

[H] 4 of your favourite foods :

Curry puff

[I] 4 things you are allergic to :

Binatang berbulu
Dust, ash, misty, etc
Psycho people

[J] 4 of your siblings names (if you have any) :


[K] 4 places you would love to travel to :

Around Malaysia
Japan (ureshi… ^^)
London (want to see the Stonehenge)

[L] 4 of your pets :

My handphone
My laptop
My collection
Invisible petty viruses in laptop

[M] 4 things you want for your birthday/Christmas this year :

Kat-Tun stuff (watashi nipon tomodachi?)
Just want to enjoy it

[N] 4 names of your close friends :

C Karkune

[O] 4 titles of your best love song :

Kizuna by Kamenashi Kazuya
Precious One by Kat-Tun
One Word by FT Island
Bila Terasa Rindu by Dafi

[P] 4 things that you hate the most :

Back stabber
Perasan bagus

[Q] 4 things you purchased in last 4 hours :

My Digi Reload
My expensive ticket (aish.,..!)
Internet surf on mobile
A novel

[R] 4 names of medication pills you consumed:

Nothing in my list

[S] 4 favourite subjects in school/college :

Bahasa Malaysia (dulu la,sekarang macam hate-that-I-love-you)
Biology? (just love and excited when do the experiments)
Math Mod

[T] 4 favourite names for a girl :

Nurul Fariha

[U] 4 favourite names for a boy :


[V] 4 closest PURPLE objects :

My sis pencil case

[W] 4 superheroes/characters that you really adore :

Ben 10
Totally Spies

[X] 4 things you are wearing now :

Track suit

[Y] 4 words to describe yourself :

Mysterious (hard to predict)
In my own world

[Z] 4 lists of your wishes :

All the best
All my dream come true
Can through all the challenge easily

Thursday, August 27, 2009

when a new day come
and you hope everything will be like before
or you hope you can go back to the past
to make everything more better
just a dream to chase away the nightmare
and honestly it was hurt

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

which 1 is the best choice?
leave me without conclusion
the desire of being alive again
dead soul with a moving body
does't it is so awful?

Monday, August 24, 2009

I don't understand why people can talk about leaving so easily. When they cannot predict what will happen after the last meet. I don't know what we hope for the future is still the same or not. How the relationship will going on and the opportunity to be together again like the last moments. I just don't know. We cannot judge people easily. So, nothing to be say here. Just don't understand when we say good bye mean don't leave me alone. Perhaps?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

~with love~

Recently, my post actually already been scheduled.
Sorry because I cannot reply the comment as soon as possible.
But, I really appreciate it.
Thank you for dropping by.

My day is good. Nothing much to tell. I enjoy it as my ordinary day. I don't expect anything extraordinary to happen. Still have a list of assignment that need to be done. But, my mind still cannot figure out which 1 of the task that shall I start with first. Never mind I guess because sooner or later, I will start it as that thing is in my ordinary schedule. Everything will be clear soon. So, for the rest. Enjoy day with no regret.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan have come again.
I really really looking forward for this month.
I love the excitement when this month appear.
Words cannot express my real feeling through it.
By the way, happy fasting everyone.
Every Muslim all over the world.

سعيد رمضان
وصلى الله لنا

Friday, August 21, 2009


Thursday, August 20, 2009


I look around me. Everything seem normal. Everything seem normal nothing weird. But, I can feel the emptiness inside. I can hear the sound of sorrow. I can smell the feeling of missing. Most of it I can see the thing turn into pieces. I obtain to be a narrow but still I cannot figure out the real dote of the end. I am in the midst of all the fear and cruelness. Do not know if I can survive. Do not know if I am very strong enough.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Congratulation to this blog owner because there are a lot of improvement in her independence-learning-Japanese-alone course. Omedotou... ^^ OK. Tomorrow, I will start the SBE (School Based Experience). Still have another 2 SBE more and then I will be on my practicum schedule. Unbelieveable for me. I hope at that time I have my own mission as a future teacher. Unlike now I still do not know if myself suitable enough to be the architect of those future students. I completely not believe myself in it. But, there are no way to turn around and do it again anymore. I just hope someday I will understand how and why. Anyway, good luck for SBE for all the trainee teachers around Malaysia.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

will be home today
will need to done the School Based Experience task
will be away for a while
wish me luck
my mind, heart and soul
not feel to go
i try to ^^

Friday, August 14, 2009

~itu saya?~

Saya mula minat dia sejak tengok dia dalam Oprah Winfrey Show. Sangat-sangat bertuah saya rasa dia ini. Sokongan keluarga memang penting agaknya. Well, bakat kanak-kanak perlu diasah sedari kecil bukan. Dia membuktikannya. Pendedahan seawal usia 4 tahun ke arena pementasan membantu membina ketrampilan diri yang tersendiri. Oh! Tidak banyak yang mahu saya ceritakan sebenarnya. Cuma jarang yang punya peluang seperti dia dan dia adalah 1 antara yang beribu itu. OK. Album dia sudah keluar. Yang second sudah. Tapi yang nombor satu pun saya tidak jumpa.

pilih saja watak kamu
mahu apa kamu dengan jalan cerita
siapa pelakon selain kamu
bagaimana kesudahannya
apa yang ingin kamu lakukan
kamu saja yang pilih
mimpi yang sempurna
memang indah tiada tara
tapi bila banding dengan realiti
hati sedikit terusik
mengapa realiti hanya pada mimpi

mimpi silalah jadi nyata
pinta kecil bisik hati

`semoga mimpi yang indah-indah saja ^^'

"Adakalanya kita perlu menangis agar kita tahu bahawa hidup ini bukan sekadar untuk ketawa dan adakalanya kita perlu ketawa agar kita tahu menilai mahalnya setitis air mata."

~bekas rakan sekolah saya memberikan kata-kata
ini dalam Yahoo Messenger saya~
~terima kasih... ^^~
~saya sedikit tenang sekarang~

i hope my heart are made from stone
so that i will not feel this annoying feeling
i hope i can be strong
so that i will just ignore what people do to me
i hope i never know the feeling of tears
so that i will not see you in different sight
i hope i am not here
so that this feeling will not appear

#kamu memang pelakon terhebat...!#
#kamu mahu award itu?#
#ambil ja la...!!!!!!#

Thursday, August 13, 2009

~they go everywhere but not Malaysia?~
~I bet they have really huge fan here~
~but why is it like that?~
~this is just one of the example~
~from hundred million something maybe~
~is it causes by the procedure or person in charge?~
~nope, I don't have the answer~
~but, still I love the talent in themselves~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


mungkin 1 hari nanti saya perlu ucapkan selamat tinggal pada kamu
mungkin 1 hari nanti saya mesti lupakan kamu
mungkin 1 hari nanti saya perlu buang rasa ini
mungkin 1 hari nanti kita mungkin berbeza
mungkin 1 hari nanti rasa ini masih utuh
mungkin 1 hari nanti ingatan ini masih ada
mungkin 1 hari nanti kita mahu masa berulang kembali
mungkin 1 hari nanti diri tidak diperlukan lagi
mungkin 1 hari nanti saya tidak akan kembali lagi
banyak kemungkinan dalam 24 jam kehidupan
namun 1 yang tidak akan berubah
kamu pernah ada di situ
saya ingin hidup dalam kenangan itu
kalau mampu selamanya
saya hidup dalam hati dan rasa tanpa sedar
saya hadir dan pergi tanpa bicara
saya mahu kamu terus bahagia
saya mahu kamu sentiasa senyum
kerana saya masih di sini
terus ingin menjadi yang terbaik buat kamu

~zettai kareshi inspiration ^^~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~not in mood~

actually, not in mood to do anything right now ^^
just want to free my mind with the load of assignment


just if I could
already took my "Identification Letter" for my School Based Experience
really not welcoming this kind of task actually
will be in flight at 15 August
this girl is back
I do miss my home very much even this "miss feeling" cannot classifies as home sick
honestly, I never ever feel homesick before
but, I do like to be home
and back to home again
even myself cannot wait for the holiday to come
just countdown it make my heart trembling hard
I want to go here and there
(imagine the place and smile ^^)
but, I guess H1N1 will make me stay at home

My hand-made collage. I finally finished it.

OK. Time to re-check my assignment list.
Good Night
Sweet Dream ^^

Monday, August 10, 2009

ayaka-chan kawaie desu ^^

Salam Kasih Mesra
Selamat Pagi Cinta Yang Entah Di Mana
Selamat Pagi Dunia
Seantero Dunia Andai Aku Mampu Melihatnya
Alangkah Indahnya Melihat Manusia
Pelbagai Gelagat Di Pagi Hari
Tapi Ada Kelibat Malam Di Sebelah Sana
Selamat Malam Untuk Dia Di Situ
Moga Tidur Lena Mimpi Indah Bertamu

*sedang layan lagu "Why" dari Avril Lavigne.
Cari di sesawang ini.
*sedang jatuh cinta dengan lagu tema Zettai Kareshi.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

~zettai kareshi~

Yosh...! A year late to watch this J-drama. But, it always took time for the J-drama for being subbed, right? By the way, really have fun watching this drama. But it does not mean that this drama is funny. Many part was very touching. Looking forward for the Zettai Kareshi Special. Hayami Mokomichi was so awesome in this drama. Sugoi...!! Learn many new Japanesse word from this J-drama. Hontou ni ureshii yo! Arigato gozaimasu for all who support me. Ja, matta ne..... ^^

~sometime love exist in the other way than we thought it should~

~Okaeri ^^~

i love her.Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. brilliant-adorable-passionate girl ^^

Some particular person just don't understand how it feel to be in the other shoes.
They just talking, gossiping and so on.
You will not talk the same thing, think the same way and judge easily when you are in there.
Make yourself in it before you speak.
Or else you just kind of person without knowledge to deal with something out of your cocoon.

p/s:don't speak behind me, I could not listen and not pretty sure what you want to talk about. Speak in front of me so that I will know what wrong and what you not satisfied with. Is it a big deal to speak the truth? I guess so ^^

anyway, Happy Sunday everyone
yoi ichinichi o... ^^

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today is Saturday.
Another week to go before my SBE.
I really do-not-fall-in-love with SBE.
My minor task also seem hard to deal with.
I don't feel like to do it for a week.
I realize that sometime I will thought
that myself not belong to here.
I still could not find the heart pounding
with excitement to start this task.
Maybe 1 day I will find that feeling.
But, when?
I don't have the answer.

Anyway, yesterday the baka page which I always call it be good to me. Or in the other way, I can say that the internet server treat me good yesterday. But, today it goes back to the normal condition. I cannot reach out my tomodachi comment page. But, never mind. I use to with that condition now.

Have a great weekend!

can't wait to back home ^^

dictionary :
because too many person ask
<baka> : idiot
<tomodachi> : friend
in Japanese ^^
wakarimasu ka?

Friday, August 7, 2009


i have very bad feeling right now.
i got a message from a friend.
she is in bad feeling right now.
she ask me if i have time to chat or not.
of course i have time right now.
there are no class right now.
and i am in front of my laptop.
surfing in this huge infinity world.
but i have problem too.
we chat via a page that i could not reach.
i do not know how to tell her about this.
you know the feeling when someone need you.
but you cannot be the one who they can rely on?
i felt a little bit disappoint right now.
my mind and my heart did not seem feel well.
got to find other alternative.
but now?
it is zero i guess.
it still faraway to wait for the holiday.
it seem to late to reply any of the comment after that.
it seem hard to deal with this fact.
i guess i will just hope i can enter that page.
a click right away and now.

shoka-chan, ごめんなさい。

by the way,
happy Friday everyone


Thursday, August 6, 2009

i have lot of comment to reply.
i have lot of thing to talk with them.
i have so much word to type for them.
but, i just could not reach the page.
even, to reply the comment in this page.
because i just depend on this IP wireless connection.
so, i cannot ask much.
the web that i can surf are limited.
very very limited.
this is not like best damn thing ever.
just perhaps the miracle can happen.

(where are the witches?)

for now, for future, and for my own good.
will buy this cutie little thing.
can't wait for this coming holiday.
even though have very rough SBE task come with.
just let it be what it should, OK! ^^
hope there are no trouble to get it.
this? or

~ 愛注記~


大きな期待をしている気分で、今日... ^ ^
あなたのベストを尽くす屋... ^ ^


This post is kind of weird if you understand the meaning. The translation not really good. Different meaning from what I want to express actually. But, still can understand it a little.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my team. excluded mr. L. Still want to change the combination here n there.
coz they have me in the team.
gomenasai... ^^

full of energy

1...2... n 1...2.... again

they love this group choreographer

what kind of feeling that zati?

both of them are great instructor for this kind of thing

get it
make it

me: the camera girl ^^

this is just the practice moment. waiting for the real one.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

just want to post picture
a story to tell
not always use words to speak
let those picture
tell you the hidden tale
(hidden?not at all anymore)

i love

"love sick"
"one word"
"after love"
"only one person"

Monday, August 3, 2009

It is already Monday and i did not found myself looking forward for it. Going to class again and again make me think will there another day that I will think something better than to go to class. Kind of want something like that very badly.
Anyway, I stress out when I could not reply any comment from that baka page. I received a lot of comment and cannot reply any of it. To all my tomodachi, lil sis... gomenasai...watashi cannot reply the comment. Gomen ne..

happy monday everyone ^^

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Everyday is just an ordinary day for me. But, sometime there was a moment that make it my extraordinary day. I bet everyone will have the moment that they will keep in heart as the everlasting treasure. I have mine too. No need to lie about this. Just the way to share is just some other stuff to think about. Maybe I just do not know how to joint word by word to make a story about it, or maybe I still not find out which one is the precious moment, or maybe I already found it and believe on it but still denied it. Just maybe.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ohaiyo gozaimasu, minna..!
Happy Saturday to all ^^
Hope today will just genki desu
Looking forward for holiday
as well as the Ramadan to come ^^

p/s: do some visit here ^^
kowaie ne...!