Saturday, August 8, 2009

~my faraway sunshine ^^~

Today is Saturday.
Another week to go before my SBE.
I really do-not-fall-in-love with SBE.
My minor task also seem hard to deal with.
I don't feel like to do it for a week.
I realize that sometime I will thought
that myself not belong to here.
I still could not find the heart pounding
with excitement to start this task.
Maybe 1 day I will find that feeling.
But, when?
I don't have the answer.

Anyway, yesterday the baka page which I always call it be good to me. Or in the other way, I can say that the internet server treat me good yesterday. But, today it goes back to the normal condition. I cannot reach out my tomodachi comment page. But, never mind. I use to with that condition now.

Have a great weekend!

can't wait to back home ^^

dictionary :
because too many person ask
<baka> : idiot
<tomodachi> : friend
in Japanese ^^
wakarimasu ka?


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