Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~not in mood~

actually, not in mood to do anything right now ^^
just want to free my mind with the load of assignment


just if I could
already took my "Identification Letter" for my School Based Experience
really not welcoming this kind of task actually
will be in flight at 15 August
this girl is back
I do miss my home very much even this "miss feeling" cannot classifies as home sick
honestly, I never ever feel homesick before
but, I do like to be home
and back to home again
even myself cannot wait for the holiday to come
just countdown it make my heart trembling hard
I want to go here and there
(imagine the place and smile ^^)
but, I guess H1N1 will make me stay at home

My hand-made collage. I finally finished it.

OK. Time to re-check my assignment list.
Good Night
Sweet Dream ^^


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