Sunday, August 16, 2009


Congratulation to this blog owner because there are a lot of improvement in her independence-learning-Japanese-alone course. Omedotou... ^^ OK. Tomorrow, I will start the SBE (School Based Experience). Still have another 2 SBE more and then I will be on my practicum schedule. Unbelieveable for me. I hope at that time I have my own mission as a future teacher. Unlike now I still do not know if myself suitable enough to be the architect of those future students. I completely not believe myself in it. But, there are no way to turn around and do it again anymore. I just hope someday I will understand how and why. Anyway, good luck for SBE for all the trainee teachers around Malaysia.


  1. khaLifah feDi said...

    erkk..waa mesti teror nie..!!
    nurul khairunie said...
    love will find a way.

    cintakan profesion, baru kita tau erti tanggungjawab sebenar.
    prasasti_puteri said...
    kHaLifah feDi,

    ~iie.... ^^~
    ~still a long way to go...~
    prasasti_puteri said...
    nurul khairunie,

    ~i fall for it once, and now i missing that...~
    ~gonna try to search the track back...~

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