Friday, August 7, 2009


i have very bad feeling right now.
i got a message from a friend.
she is in bad feeling right now.
she ask me if i have time to chat or not.
of course i have time right now.
there are no class right now.
and i am in front of my laptop.
surfing in this huge infinity world.
but i have problem too.
we chat via a page that i could not reach.
i do not know how to tell her about this.
you know the feeling when someone need you.
but you cannot be the one who they can rely on?
i felt a little bit disappoint right now.
my mind and my heart did not seem feel well.
got to find other alternative.
but now?
it is zero i guess.
it still faraway to wait for the holiday.
it seem to late to reply any of the comment after that.
it seem hard to deal with this fact.
i guess i will just hope i can enter that page.
a click right away and now.

shoka-chan, ごめんなさい。

by the way,
happy Friday everyone



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