Thursday, August 6, 2009

~you make my day miserable~

i have lot of comment to reply.
i have lot of thing to talk with them.
i have so much word to type for them.
but, i just could not reach the page.
even, to reply the comment in this page.
because i just depend on this IP wireless connection.
so, i cannot ask much.
the web that i can surf are limited.
very very limited.
this is not like best damn thing ever.
just perhaps the miracle can happen.

(where are the witches?)

for now, for future, and for my own good.
will buy this cutie little thing.
can't wait for this coming holiday.
even though have very rough SBE task come with.
just let it be what it should, OK! ^^
hope there are no trouble to get it.
this? or


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