Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~visual kei~

your story
my story
we share it
not for sure

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~salam kasih sayang untuk semua~
  • membuat assignment yang sangat-sangat banyak tidak terkira itu.
  • mendengar lagu-lagu Korea yang "diculik" dari MP3 adiknya.
  • sedang berchit chat dengan tomodachi di luar sana.
  • sedang bermain dengan keypad supaya keluar segala-galanya.
  • sedang update blognya yang sudah agak bersarang ini.
  • sedang guna bahasa melayu dalam blognya sebab otak separa berkarat untuk borak-borak dalam eigo and sebab adik si penulis kata sakit mata tengok grammar yang tunggang langgang di sini.
  • sedang mencari di google gambar ini sebab dia sudah jatuh cinta dengan orang ini.
  • sedang tunggu ichiban dia online.
  • sedang berfikir hendak online Yahoo Messenger atau tidak sebab dia mahu fokus buat kerja tertunda malam ini.
  • sedang berkata it's ok, it's alright pada diri sendiri
  • sedang mencari kata-kata yang sesuai untuk dibubuh dalam assignment
  • sedang mahu bermimpi
  • sedang tidak percaya bahawa dia akan mula belajar bahasa baru lagi
  • sedang mahu ucap selamat malam pada semua dan oyasumi pada ichiban
  • sedang bersedih sebab seseorang memberitahu bahawa dia sudah berjumpa dengan ichiban beliau in person
  • sedang betul-betul mahu ucap selamat malam sebab kerja yang sedang menggunung itu

Friday, September 25, 2009

It start with one thing. I think of you. Well, you here consist many people. You and you. OK. I will not talk about the name. They know who they are. I am Friendster addicted sometime. This is true and I very upset when my account have problem. Luckily, I have the Facebook (even many story I heard about this site) but it is a need right now to have a Facebook account. I have Myspace before, but the account are invalid now. Well, I will make a new one later. But still that cannot solve my problem. Not all of my friend in friendster have Facebook account. So, just chat on Yahoo Messenger and I sometime also have problem to sign in on Yahoo Messenger. Guys! I really miss all of you a lot. Even we are separated by the continents. Still we are friend. Hope my account will be better soon.

*Just want to say sorry because I have a lot of comment that I cannot reply. Sorry for that.

*Sorry cannot dropping by at YOUR page as ussual. Hope you have a great day always.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I fall for this song. I love Ashley Tisdale even she is Sharpay in High School Musical. A song is the best medium to express your feeling and emotion. A song can tell a story that you will not listen carefully when someone talk to you. I love song very much and fall for any song easily. I am music lover even I cannot play any instrument. Perhaps I will one day. Soon.

*enjoy watched "2 Days and 1 Night" at KBS World. My Digi number will not available for 24 hours for a while. I broke the handphone and need time to replace my handphone. Or maybe need some investment to buy a new one as soon as possible?

Enjoy the lyric then ^^

You told me
There's no need
To talk it out
Cause its too late
To proceed
And slowly
I took your words
And walked away

No looking back
I wont regret, no
I will find my way
I'm broken
But still I have to say

It's Alright, it's OK
I'm so much better without you
I won't be sorry
It's Alright, it's OK
So don't you bother what I do
No matter what you say
I wont return
Our bridge has burned down
I'm stronger now
It's Alright, it's OK
I'm so much better without you
I won't be sorry

You played me
Betrayed me
Your love was nothing but a game
Portrayed a role
You took control, I
I couldn't help but fall
So deep
But now I see things clear

It's Alright, it's OK
I'm so much better without you
I won't be sorry
It's Alright, it's OK
So don't you bother what I do
No matter what you say
I wont return
Our bridge has burned down
I'm stronger now
It's Alright, it's OK
I'm so much better without you
I won't be sorry

Don't waste your fiction tears on me
Just save them for someone in need
It's way too late
I'm closing the door

It's Alright, OK
I'm so much better without you
I won't be sorry
It's Alright, it's OK
So don't you bother what I do
No matter what you say
I wont return
Our bridge has burned down
I'm stronger now
It's Alright, it's OK
I'm so much better without you
I won't be sorry

It's Alright, it's OK
Alright, OK
Without you
No matter what you say
It's Alright, it's OK
Alright, OK
Without you
I won't be sorry

Sunday, September 20, 2009

~salam lebaran~

Salam lebaran untuk semua.
Selamat Hari raya to all Malaysian and all the Muslim all over the world.
May the happiness wrapping your day.

selamat 하리 라야
Maligayang pagdating Hari Raya
Welkom Hari Raya

Thursday, September 17, 2009


My bad because I cannot take care of my thing very well. Very clumsy. Nothing much that I can do right now. Just need to wait for tomorrow and hope it will be fine. I hope.

Don't misunderstood my action.

I just don't know how to react well about that.

I am not really great in telling lies.

You can freely told anyone about that.

I don't care.

But, still I cannot just ignore it.

You already leave the space inside.

And if you say it was my fault,

I will just accept it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

people fall for Won Bin and I fall for Song Seung Hun

Monday, September 14, 2009

Today my beloved-not-in-blood-chain-brother birthday. He turn 18 today. Sorry cannot throw a party for you. But, hope you will be happy always with the one that you love.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A sudden flu + cough + headache did not make my day.
Plus, the internet connection (wireless and broadband) also very very bad.
Hari Raya is around the corner and I hope I will get well soon.

*still need to concern a load of assignment. Dizzying.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You learn a lot when you make friend from all over the world. I am the one who will agree with it. I learn a lot of thing from them. Especially from the person who consider me as they faraway friend that close in heart. I have many friend from Philippines, China, Korea, Indonesia and not to forget also from my own country, Malaysia. We love to chat with each other very much. In Friendster as well as in Facebook. Also at Yahoo Messenger. We share a lot of thing. One of them, Hannah-chan told me about the BER month. You can read about it at the pictures that I already upload here.

Happy BER month everyone... ^^!
and it will be a Golden Weeks on October in China

*"BER" stand for September, October, November and December

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taguchi Junnosuke : November 29, 1985
Komine Rena : July 19, 1980

the best-cute Asian male

I prefer to shut up my mouth. But this story really make my heart pounding. Of course I do not understand it(because still cannot master the Kanji and Hiragana very well. Poor me.).but it all about Taguchi Junnosuke, the Kat-Tun member pre-marriage holiday. I don't know if it is true or not but I am happy for him. But, at the same time I feel sad to the fan of him. It is hard to believe that he will getting married soon.

* do u agree now that a picture can tell 1001 stories?*

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

know him?
remember him?
i accidentally bumped with the first clip video today.
he is very cute.
the comments that i read at youtube told me that he just 5 years-old at the first video.
can u believe it?
i knew about him when i was 11 years-old.
but, never heard about him lately.

this video is the song that i love the most.
take a look ^^

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Life sometime doesn't go the way as you wish it should be.
But, still you need to go on
and if the life turn as what you plan, assume you as the lucky person
1 over million.

Golden star.

I love to read about the journey in their life.

They really inspiring me.
It was not easy to achieve anything without hard work and willing to do it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

my friends give those things for me today.
tyvm to all of u... ^^

one day i will celebrate with those people our special day for real ^^

p/s: also for all friends who sms'ing me and wish me at that page and on YM ^^

me, beyonce, nakamaru and hitomi
have similarity
one similarity or many????nakamaru yuichi, watashi onii-chan cake

mine ^^

he is the 1st one this year ^^

Thursday, September 3, 2009

~how lucky ^^~

This is SS501.
From Korea.
They are very lovable-adorable-charming guys.
Also very friendly.
The fan said so.
Not like the other group from the same country.
My sister love them very much especially the one who wear sun glasses with white shirt.
They arrived at Kota Kinabalu at 31 August.
Lucky who already notice about this.


so, Kat-Tun or FT Island when you turn to be there?

Great. 오늘 시작하는 한글 배우기. Not easy as Kanji word in Japanese. 원하는 쓰기 말하는 배우.
Still on my way to master the Japanese word and now start for new 1. なぜ?Because Korean and Japanese word some of it was influence by Chinese character, pronunciation and the meaning. So it help me a lot to understand it. Even a little.

~Better know something than nothing~

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

we talk about our dream
we talk about our hope
and then we noticed that
our dream and hope
separating us
everything is change
but the feeling still the same
no doubt

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September datang lagi. Every year pun waiting for that kan. Internet IP agak baik sekarang. Nak check e-mail pun laju je. Tapi yang tak puas hatinya semua laman sosial di block. Why? Jadi bagaimana la nak keep in touch dengan kawan-kawan di laman itu. Memang separa menyusahkan juga la. Then, guna broadband pun sekarang macam entah apa-apa la juga. 3G connection not very well right now.

Laman web yang before this boleh masuk pun kena block. Pening-pening. Untuk cari maklumat pun susah. Everything kena block. Then, certain website ja yang boleh enter. Semalam sedang mencari-cari foto-foto kareshi saya di laman imej google pun kena block. Memang "sakit gila" ni. Tapi, takpe la. Dugaan kan.

Tak payah chat di Friendster, Facebook, Tagged, Hi-5, Community5 and so on boleh ka friends/my chatters/tomodachi? Kita guna e-mail. Back to the basic.

p/s: Jom mengadu ramai-ramai kepada empunya nama itu and 3G connection please be well soon.

Sorry dear, komen-komen anda tidak dapat dibalas secepat mungkin.

ne kareshi anata kanojo ureshii desu ^^

guess which one is me?
can or not?

just kidding OK ^^