Friday, September 25, 2009

It start with one thing. I think of you. Well, you here consist many people. You and you. OK. I will not talk about the name. They know who they are. I am Friendster addicted sometime. This is true and I very upset when my account have problem. Luckily, I have the Facebook (even many story I heard about this site) but it is a need right now to have a Facebook account. I have Myspace before, but the account are invalid now. Well, I will make a new one later. But still that cannot solve my problem. Not all of my friend in friendster have Facebook account. So, just chat on Yahoo Messenger and I sometime also have problem to sign in on Yahoo Messenger. Guys! I really miss all of you a lot. Even we are separated by the continents. Still we are friend. Hope my account will be better soon.

*Just want to say sorry because I have a lot of comment that I cannot reply. Sorry for that.

*Sorry cannot dropping by at YOUR page as ussual. Hope you have a great day always.


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