Thursday, September 10, 2009

~masaya BER buwan ^^~

You learn a lot when you make friend from all over the world. I am the one who will agree with it. I learn a lot of thing from them. Especially from the person who consider me as they faraway friend that close in heart. I have many friend from Philippines, China, Korea, Indonesia and not to forget also from my own country, Malaysia. We love to chat with each other very much. In Friendster as well as in Facebook. Also at Yahoo Messenger. We share a lot of thing. One of them, Hannah-chan told me about the BER month. You can read about it at the pictures that I already upload here.

Happy BER month everyone... ^^!
and it will be a Golden Weeks on October in China

*"BER" stand for September, October, November and December


  1. HaYa said...
    lucky that u've been chatted with the right sure they can speak in eng but I cant even understand because he used different spelling and i have to interpret it myself..STRESS!!, he always asks the same question
    prasasti_puteri said...
    ~i have some of them that like that...~
    ~but not all of them...~
    ~jawab je apa yang patut...~
    ~masing-masing pun kadang-kadang syok sendiri...~
    ~depend on their ability in mastering the language juga la...~
    ~nasib baik ada gak yang ok...~
    Hannah said...
    i agree with you!to have a friend for different places is such a treasure(JUST LIKE YUE,OF COURSE!)!!hahaha!!coz in just a few second chatting you will learn something from them,XD..thanks Yue!!!continue the good work!!thanks for sharing your experience about FRIENDSHIP..XD
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~thank u for the support, dear...!~
    mazhad said...
    truz dapat new info.besh...ska fakta baru...
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~thank u... ^^~

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