Monday, November 2, 2009

my facebook friend tag me on this photo when i said my assignment drive me crazy.
arigato ne.

mochiron...! watashi wa hontou ni ureshii...i already done with my Geography report and my clock show it almost 2:06 am already. Will I go to class tomorrow? because my Bahasa Melayu report still not done yet actually. Ne i am not in good mood today because of the assignment demo my onii-chan already cheer me up. arigato ne ^^ gomen. It was not because of you ^^ hontou ni.

My friends from Philiphines, Japan, France and Mexico still celebrate the spooky Halloween and my Indonesia friends go to J-Fest to celebrate it. I don't know if my friend from Morocco also celebrate it because still not ask her. And OH NO! I am the only one who not celebrate it TT. Kyaa..! demo daijabo na ^^

The celebration nowadays completely different than what I thought when I was a child ^^. Well my friend will pick a character from a movie (STAR WARS if i not mistaken) and I thought before that the custome should be scary? And my onii-chan said it was not very traditional celebration at Japan if u want spooky ^^

hey ya...! and study mode log on ^^

then will looking forward for this.
i will keep my yokusoku to you.
shinpanai ne ^^


  1. wh0se said...
    hahaha....awat?sepatutnya jadi macam mana?
    prasasti_puteri said...
    to whose,

    ~sepatutnya entry lebih matang sikit..~
    ~hehe.. ^^~
    Anonymous said...
    hi sis
    we don't celebrate Halloween but we celebrate the new year
    my mother prepare cake and some cokies
    we really enjoy this celebration:)
    take care sis ne
    Anonymous said...
    it's me rahima ne:)
    prasasti_puteri said...
    to rahima-chan,

    ~arigato ne for dropping by.. ^^~
    ~tQ for the answer.. ^^~

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