Monday, December 28, 2009

~he is so sweet~

he is Arill

and this is Azzam picture

no doubt that all of Idola Kecil 2 participants are very talented
but i like Azzam showmanship and Arill voice.
good luck for all the finalist of Idola Kecil 2.
hope the best person will win.

idola kecil 2 final 2 january 2010 at tv9


  1. Aman@Badboy91 said...
    blog walking
    err.. lagu kat blog nih best gak
    boleh tak nak tau
    tajuk lagu n penyanyi die
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~thanx 4 blog walking here.. ^^~
    ~best kan.. ^^~
    ~lagu ni tajuk "The One"...~
    ~dinyanyikan oleh group korea nama FT Island.. ^^~
    海瓜子Andy said...

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