Monday, December 6, 2010

I just don't realize that I love photographing so much since I was a little. But maybe because lack of knowledge about this thing, I just decided to addict with it pretty late. At least better than never right? Looking back to all the picture that I have been took before, I really amaze on how I really adore all the view around me. Of course that time was when using film camera are the most popular one. I do wish I have someone that will courage me to love it more than as hobby before rather than said I just wasting money. Maybe that kind of thinking make me believe that I should not do this and that before especially when we need to deal with money. But then, as I grow up I realize that opportunity will never come always. So, I start to deal with my money and ignoring whoever said that I just wasting my money. I like this sentence that I got from a movie which I forgot what the tittle are "we can choose obsession, but sometime obsession will choose us". So, I'm in love with photographing even I'm not good with it. But still learning process really make me content and I feel some excitement from it. It is better than do something bad right? ^^

p/s: my dad said I better use the film camera that I use to before rather than my lomo but yeah I have the problem to find a better shop around here to publish my film. So, still waiting for the result which I'm not expecting to0 much from it Oo。。( ̄¬ ̄*)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I wish I manage to make something right

Friday, December 3, 2010

People somehow will have they own fear. If someone have told you that they never fear of anything, don't believe them. Because it is a lie. People without fear are almost impossible. I'm just a normal person too and for sure I do will feel the fear. But this is not what you will talk about your fear but the most important thing is how you deal with your own fear? Do you ever think about this before? I bet you do and you already do something to deal with your own fear. But just maybe you don't realize it. Well, how do we know everything about the fear if no people success to go through and fight with they fear? So, maybe we should do something to feel that we deserve to live without fear. Talk to other will make you feel more comfortable, be a supportive person and don't judge people easily. People already have to deal with they own life and that is already enough. Be a good helping hand to the other sometime will help you to cope with your fear feeling too. Well, it is good to do something rather than nothing right? Just make sure it is in positive way.

*sigh --> my grammar is very bad

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So, as a new student, I must preparing myself right? Here we go. Some revision that I have done

Harry Potter Spells And Uses

A spell to bring an object back into your hand. It can be used to bring a certain object, such as in Accio Butterbeer.

This spell opens a locked or closed door. The opposite of this is Colloportus.

Avada Kedevra
One of the three Unforgivable Curses, this spell causes death.

This spell locks a door shut. Hermoine uses this to cover their escape at the end of Book 5.

One of the three Unforgivable Curses, this spell is the Cruciatus Curse and causes great pain. Umbridge tries to cast this on Harry at the end of Book 5.

The spell used to rip open tapestries and such. Used quite a bit in the computer game based on Book 2.

Expecto Patronum
This spell creates a silvery protective creature, a patronus. Harry’s patronus is a stag; Cho’s is a swan. Hermoine has an Otter.

One of the more simple spells, and the first spell that the D.A. group works on in Book 5. This disarms your opponent.

A spell to cancel the effects of another spell. Lupin uses it on Neville to get him to stop dancing at the end of book 5.

A form of fire spell, Hermoine uses this to mark an “X” on doors in the Mysteries area in book 5.

A simple spell that flips something over.

This spell causes a person to freeze for about a minute.

One of the three Unforgivable Curses, this allows a wizard to take total control of another person.

A spell to cause an invisible wall to form. Quidditch players use this to keep the rain off their faces at times.

Umbridge tries this on the centaurs in book 5 - to wrap ropes around them - but the centaurs easily shake them off.

A spell to cause a fire to burn.

A spell to extract memories and feelings from another person, to in essence look through the memories another has.

A nonverbal spell to hang a person in the air by one ankle.

The locomotor spell causes something to move in a given direction. For example, to move trunks along with you, you would command Locomotor trunks. To cause someone to freeze stiff, you use Locomotor mortis.

This spell causes the wand tips to glow and give off light.

A dark spell that causes a dark mark - the sign of Voldemort - to appear.

A spell that fills the ears of anyone nearby with buzzing, so that conversations are not overheard.

A spell to cause darkness, the opposite of Lumos. Interestingly, the name of a fun computer RPG.

A memory erasing charm that Professor Lockhart was extremely fond of.

Petrificus Totalis
A spell to cause someone to freeze completely. It seems there are several different spells that cause this same effect :)

The portus spell creates a portkey that allows people to move from one destination to another easily.

A spell of protection, to ward off magical attack. Harry uses this at the end of Book 5 to keep a sphere that another is casting “Accio” on.

An assault spell, reducto causes damage to what it is fired at. The students use Reducto to blow apart bookshelves at the end of Book 5.

A simple spell to repair an object that is broken.

An anti-boggart spell, that causes the boggart’s scary shape-changing ability to be mediated. Mrs. Weasley has trouble with this one at the beginning of Book 5 when a boggart torments her with sights of her family dead.

A cleaning spell, James uses this on Snape when they are young to clean Snape’s mouth out with soap.

A spell to cause something (or someone) to become silent. As Hermoine instructs Ron, this spell is done with a sharp jab of the wand, not a wave.

This spell should freeze an object in place, but when Umbridge tries to use it on an escapee firework, it explodes instead.

A Death eater uses this dance-causing spell on Neville during the final battle in Book 5.

Wingardium Leviosa
Harry uses this to levitate tentacles away from him at the end of book 5.

p/s: I wish I will be in Gryfindor ^^LOL. Don't take anything seriously from here. Except for the spell ^^

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"I love that moment. When you're on a long car ride, or listening to music, or reading. And you completely zone out. You forget your troubles, and everyone around you. You're focused on that one thing, and that one thing only. You're content, and everything seems peaceful."

~an anon ^^~

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ameba pico is a game that originated from a Japan blog call ameblo. [I don't play pico with my ameblo account] But now we can play it in Facebook. Sometime it will be fun but you need to spend time a lot there. For those who not start to play it yet, just give a start. Who know, maybe you will love it. ^^Last Friday, I be a pirate. After accomplished with 9 stage of test [refer to what the captain said] Love the custume that I got after finished the 9 stage.

I should post picture here now. But not in mood to transfer it from memory card. LOL. Maybe tomorrow I will. I think I already have plan what to do and how to spend my very leisure time right now. I plan to update this blog before and ameblo blog also everyday. But since I start to addict with tumblr *wink. So I spend lot of time there. It kind of fun sometime. Just to relax your mind and so on. Well, it time for me to hit the sack now. Bye. Oyasumi.

By the way, wish Taguchi Junnosuke HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^^

I make a fan video. But, since I don't have youtube account [which I decide to make one later] I post it somewhere which just some people know it. *wink

let play another photo shoot tomorrow XD

Friday, November 26, 2010

~i am truly me~

I just realize I talk too much in blog lately. In conclusion for all my blog. I can talk about different thing at different blog everyday. Something wrong with my personality? Or my mind? What we call that? Do I need to do some research about it? Or will I have trouble from it? I bet too much leisure time make me thinking too much. Maybe. What I suppose to do now? I'm pretty sure that I already differentiate myself to into many character which when I combine all of it, that character will be me. I guess. Or do I really into that character? Did I create a character coincidentally without realizing that it will be too far like this. More question to answer when I try to find the answer. Question in question. It never stop. The question grow up. Still it will never find the conclusion since people live with curiosity. Is the curiosity a good thing or bad thing for human being? Maybe it depend on what the matter is right? Well, I should stop thinking right now before my mind explode [imagination beyond reality ;p]

*I just talking to myself nowadays. No one will read my post. So it will be fine for me to make some noise here right?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what I like being a fan is when the idol inspiring me. Today, I will present my yeobo who is hanguk saram --> lee seun gi imnida ^^

source is from here

… as told by a school hoobae

This hoobae goes to the same school, and took the same class with SeungGi once. He doesn’t know SeungGi very well (only got one autograph from him), but he’s friends with one of SeungGi’s friends, and that’s his source of information.

SeungGi is usually interested in going to the MTs, but unfortunately he can’t. He does go to the department office (or some meetings?) a lot, and he eats at the school cafeteria quite often. He’s also been to some bars near the campus for some drinks. To avoid the crowds during breaks, he would usually go to his car for some snacks with friends. He used to drive a Hyundai Sonata, but he’s bought a new car.

He really attends his classes well. He’s very nice, smart (with good grades) and modest. In real person, he has a small face, he’s very tall and very easy to spot in a crowd.

His professor/advisor has a similar name, Hong SeungGi, and is very cool.

According to another dclsg fan, the car SeungGi was driving might be his dad’s car. His van usually drops him off outside the school gate, and he would walk to his classes.

source: dclsg, yaoyaoyufei @ china cafe

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lately, I think I should remove my Chat Box because most of the senders is someone who own the blog about something that I'm not interest with. No offense but I just don't know how to respond with those thing. But now I guess I will just leave it there. Nothing gonna happen with my blog if I let it there right?

Since I already at home now. I really need to find something to do because I feel bored to do the same thing again and again every day. I decide to think of going somewhere but the common question always pop out. [let just myself know about it ;p] *ah! I should renew my ATM card again.

I'm penniless now. Feel like almost broke. I have so much thing to own in my mind. But just can keep it quiet. I can't ask for my parent to buy it for me because I guess I will feel more satisfy if I use my own money to fulfill my own dream. So, here we go --> Budget for 2O11

Now, almost everyone are here already. At home. Just my sister that still struggle with her paper until December now. Hwaiting! So, I can't wait to gather again which is I know one day it will be hard to gather like this. Yah..! When people will have they own life. Everything that they use to do before will be just a memory. And this will be the sweet memories to treasure all life long.

I have a lot of e-novel to read. But still consider to read back all Harry Potter novel. Can I say that I'm more to Harry Potter generation rather than Twilight? Even Cedric is who Edward before. Someone kill him in Harry Potter and make him become a vampire. Not just an ordinary vampire. But he is the popular and most wanted one. See. Everybody have they own fate. Just wait for the right moment to come. In the mean time, just stay struggle and keep on dreaming. Be a dreamer will not kill you if you willing yourself to work hard for it and not just let it be in your list without any effort.

I guess I don't have writer's block today because I typing a lot. Congratulation to me. I hope I will write more and more again. This is my life and I treasure it a lot

Monday, November 22, 2010

1. is the person who make me know KAT-TUN
2. introduce me to Dream Boys show
3. make me laugh in every act
4. make my tears drop for the sorrow moment
5. always act cool in every situation
6. the reason for me to have many foreign friends
7. the one who make me in eager to learn new language
8. is someone lovely and honest
9. we have the same interest in photographing
10. he is very good son to his family, a lovely uncle to his niece and a good friend to his friend

more thing to list but for now let it be just 10 ^^

*random post for update
*i wonder what will i feel 10 years from now when i read back all those thing ^^

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I use to be hardly update and upload anything here lately. My ameblo also a mess now. Vox? I never visit it anymore. But the blog of Vox are still exist with just 3 post ><. I'm a bad blogger. I should admit it. Just not that I'm lazy, writer always face the mind block sometime right? And so do I. So today, I will upload some pictures of the event at my college ^^

p/s: for some reason, I don't like my came
ra now because of the lighting thing ><

backdropthe souvenir3 musketeer? LOL. They are BFF ^^Congratulation Miss ZatiCongratulation Miss Ainpicture of the day ^^

finally, done. And we are done for the Second year of degree already. 2 years more to go. I'm gonna miss all the moment that we share together


you use to be my star
shining the way
help me to through all the scary
but now you are nowhere
I can't find you
I shout for your name
but you never appear again
I wonder if you are not here anymore
just missing the light so much
and now I'm in sorrow

21 November 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

asuka hinoi

Currently listening to this girl song. She is awesome.
Maybe her song will be my other try to translate song after done with Lisa Halim song ^^

throw confetti

let present my love ^^

I love KAT-TUN new pv. So in love with it. What can I say? Pretty jealous with other who succeed in pre-order the album. *sigh. I will just can wait for the fan to upload it on any website. Hayaku! Hayaku! [mean faster] ah! should I change my laptop words setting? So I can typing on Chinese and Japanese words easily? maybe I should think about it. And I heard about Jin Akanishi Japan tour for next week. How awesome is it? ^^

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

~you have me~

it will never over

sound weird

and crazy


that is it

the truth

that we need

to face and accept

Monday, November 8, 2010

赤西 仁

Sorry for those random visitor that accidentally bumped to my blog just because of "Jin Akanishi Yellow Gold tour 2010 concert". Gomenasai >< Here we go. Some pictures that I love ^^

Sunday, November 7th, Chicago, IL @ Rosemont Theater

Credit to those who come and share picture on net
Just got 2 copy for now. Stay tune. Hope I manage to get others picture. One more happy news. He sang a new song in that concert. Can't wait for the album to be "born" *wink
Till then, good luck for another 4 concert ya Jin Akanishi.

*study mode --> failed ;p

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It will start soon. 7 November. *sigh I can't go >< . Counting for 4 paper to be end. Even I'm not ready yet mentally. Just can wish Jin Akanishi "Good luck and do the best". Found out some of my Facebook friend will go to the concert. I hope they will enjoy it and bring some story to share. Hey! I'm gonna have my own tour too. *dreamer ;p The differences is just I need to grab my pen and sit for 2 hours and half and Jin Akanishi need to sing and dance. Dakara, bokutachi gambarimasu ^^

kakoi nii-chan v (^^) v

Saturday, November 6, 2010

ah! suddenly wish I can see stars sparkling from the sky today. Where are you my shining star?

☆☆☆☆☆ --> blink blink ^^

It already raining season now. Cold weather. I wonder if I can take the cold at the 4 season country. Yeah! Dreaming again ;p. Still have 4 paper for this exam and I wonder if I really already study hard for this exam. "Oh! Yue, please wake up..!!"

OK! I'm already wake up. *sigh. Don't have any idea to make this entry as long conversation with myself. Like my virtual twin said, "Speechless mode disease" I wonder if we do really have that disease in this world. I hope it is not very dangerous.

Many thing happen around the world today. Flood season as usual at Peninsular Malaysia. Be careful OK.

Volcano thing, earthquakes and tsunami at our neighbor country. Hope all of you will be fine and be strong.

Till then, keep moving on and love yourself ^^

Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally, I need to change my laptop screen to a new one which cost me almost half of my saving. Glad that I still have my saving. Do I need to buy a new laptop? At this moment I don't think I will buy a new one. I will stick with my beloved Kyohei until it can't work anymore. So now I can do the revision and go to exam hall with no wonder in my heart. So, in 2 weeks more I will be home. Glad. Finally I will meet with new air for a while before a though semester next year.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The fact that some of us need to have the fake identity to survive not just a fairytale. We should realize some of them not just do it for fun. So, I wonder why some people try to be fake just to make fun with the others. Especially for other that try to pretend to be someone else that very popular. Fan fight with each other to stand up beside they idol. But, at the meantime the real person just keep silent. Sooner or later, we will know the truth. So for those who try to act, make it real which is something you can't do actually.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

my twin, maruchi ^^

Finally, I come again here to fulfill my writing passion ^^. Do I really have the writing passion? I don't know. OK. November finally come. Exam tense is around the corner. Perhaps I still need more time to relax. But the clock still 'tik tok' non-stop. It mean no time to play around. Must stick with notes and so on. Maybe I should be hiatus in Facebook too ^^. Well, hope I can. So, maybe I will just blogging to make my mind relax and out for a while from the facts-notes chamber. ^^

time to date with BOOKS ;3

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i know, i rarely do blogging now. mind blocking maybe. yup! it always happen lately. want to write something but i end up with nothing. perhaps i really need something to make my mind think smoothly.

well, i feel bad because i'm late to pre-order KAT-TUN upcoming new albums and i can't wait for WESTLIFE album to release.

exam will coming soon and i absolutely sure i'm not ready yet. i hope i will start to do my revision soon.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

finally, come here to do some update. it already been a while i not posting anything here. seem like i live invisible (laugh) never mind. randomly added.

1. looking forward for Sport Weeks
2. exam is around the corner
3. holiday! yippee ^^

well, i managed to settle down a few thing in my wanted list and i'm glad that i can have it.
more update later.

love you all ^^

Monday, September 13, 2010

my new room? (laughing)

♫I’m overboard and I need your love
Pull me up
I cant swim on my own
Its to much
Feels like I’m drowning without your love
So throw yourself out to me
My life saver
Life saver
Oh life saver
My life saver
Life saver
Oh life saver oh wow♪

i love this song so much.
listen to it again and again now.
justin bieber fever?
but love the lyric so much.

done with happy-no-worry time now
it is time to do my assignment
suddenly got terrible headache
many lesson planning to be done
and more report to do
hope i can make it

trending at twitter is fun
i enjoy it last night
got many new friend
thank you for #jinakanishi trending

sing along with me ^^

till then,

love yourself

Monday, September 6, 2010


たびに私はあなたを参照してく ^^

Saturday, September 4, 2010

happy birthday to nakamaru yuichi
happy 27th birthday

and wish happy birthday for myself too. my fb friend, jho, mii kyoung, philip and fritz
thank you for the virtual celebration
and for my virtual family too.
thank you for the worldwide wish and celebration.
hontou ni ureshii ^^

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hayaku hayaku ^^
2 days more after tomorrow

私はそれはしかし、私は憎しみ終了を愛するこ と

*ameba blog make me feel dizzy

Sunday, August 29, 2010

it been a long time i did not post anything here. but feel to write something here today. tomorrow is Monday. it mean i will start my last School Based Experience task before go for teaching practical next semester. for the first time i will be alone for real to do this task. it gonna be a little bit more challenging and bored maybe. but i hope i can handle it. hope i can feel the welcoming environment at that school so i won't feel very miserable to be like a parasite there. well, Raya will coming soon.

Till then,


Thursday, August 26, 2010


if you want a full portion of something
what gonna happen if you just got half of it?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

don't you know it is difficult to live with cold heart?
but some people don't want to lost it.
they stick with the cold heart till the end.
don't they feel they life become miserable.
once in a life time try to understand why.
but still we can't see any way to unwrapped it.
people manage to hide it.
but the truth always appear.
still i don't have the answer.
it is a subjective question and need various skills.
but to those that open their heart to others.
i bet i can give a big applause to them.

and i wonder
am i
cold heart person?

Friday, August 6, 2010

~camp for BIG~

Tomorrow, my batch will held BIG camp ガーン that state at Kampung Balung Cocos.

This already our 4th task for BIG that held every semester.

For this semester BIG task, we will have adopt family(=⌒▽⌒=) which is we will spend time with them for a day.

Looking forward for my adopt familyドキドキドキドキドキドキ.

And yeah my groups gonna make a great memory I guess. (‐^▽^‐)

Looking forward for everything start tomorrow until Monday.

Wish me enjoy it.UFO

Till then, love yourself.カメラ

And since it already fruit season right now, I bet I will see many kind of fruit.オレンジバナナオレンジバナナ

Ja ne チューリップ紫

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It gonna be a very long list if i want to wish all my friend Happy Friendship Day. Sorry, just can dropping by to some wall at Facebook and call and messaging the others. This special wish is for all my friend that I have ever meet in my life. Thank you for being my friend.

  • Kindergarten friends
  • High school friends
  • College friends --> especially Keluarga 69 ^^
  • Facebook, Friendster and Myspace friends
  • My virtual family --> Akaben (Kazu love all of you), Tenshi (Hikaru Tenshi is here ^^), lin ( lin mo bro ^^), lee (hey jin ri sis, thanx for the hyuna name) and all of you ^^ love love and hug hug ^^
i miss my chocolate.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Message: CSI premieres on Thursday, Sept 23rd on CBS...and I told you I was a BAD MAN!! -

~hope i can catch that episode since it will be air at differ time here~

credit to: justin bieber ^^

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~whatever happen, doesn't mean it will over~
私はいつも彼ら をサポートします。特に私の一番、私の兄。

Jin Akanishi --> don't worry ne

Akanishi-kun said in June 2010 (WINK UP Magazine):

"There might be people who felt lonely about the whole thing, but going to America for lives doesn't mean I'll be gone. I myself don't want this chance to escape... I just really want to focus on such a chance right now. So please, don't say "he's not coming back."