Sunday, February 28, 2010

My friend, Maki Ichinose give her laptop name KEN. I have one too. I give it Mabushi name. In Japanese it mean light. I'm glad that I can connect with internet back today after it retire for a couple of days. But now I don't have the DVD Player and Cyberlink Camera. Anyway, at least I got my Mabushi back in good condition.

Cartoon KAT-TUN Show will be end soon. Even though I hope it will not happen but I need to see it from the positive side. KAT-TUN will always be the same in my heart for sure.

Time to do my Anatomy assignment. ^^

Thursday, February 25, 2010


It happen again!!! Viruses expand in my laptop. Cannot open Keyhole anymore. So sad. That mean I cannot watch Japan TV Channel live anymore. Start thinking to re-format back my laptop ^^ Honestly, I hate the person who create the viruses. What the point for the genius mind? Give peace and say a big NO to virus creator. Anyway, I hope my laptop will keep maintain before I decided to do the maintenance.


~looking forward for a MACBOOK like the one that bro have ^^~


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

happy 24th birthday to you Kamenashi Kazuya

Friday, February 19, 2010

predict me if you can
judge me if you want
tell the tales about me
but the truth is
you know nothing about it
and it funny
because you jealous for something I'm not into

~sweet good luck for you ^^~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

first picture : my cousin engagement day. the girl is my cousin
second picture : i just miss the moment so i come there
third picture : at my other cousin house to celebrate Chinese New Year
fourth picture : well i got the angpao ^^

One day, I will miss all the moment. When I am far away from here.

~keep maintain~

  • I'm not a public figure, so don't judge me like I am one of them
  • I want to live with my own thought and not other order
  • I have my own dream that I want to achieve and I have no one that at the same path with me
  • They said I live in my own world but don't worry I welcome anyone
  • There is differences for me to play RP and RL but both are cool
  • You can say everything that you want about me because I am not good in changing myself for other
  • I use to faker and poser so just be it because I will just go with the flow
  • Everybody have they own dream so don't mess up with other dream
  • I am in a strict world of life which give me a very small opportunity to do what I want but still I have enough strength to make it away
  • I just want to update my blog and write nothing important here but still you can read it

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~hold on~

"Steamboat moment"

It already February and I already not visit and update my blog for a long time already.
"D-Motion" and "Love Yourself" PV from KAT-TUN already out this early of February and of course I feel so excited. Thumb up for KAT-TUN. All of you already done a great job. Omedetoo ne.

And below is our AKABEN family tree. I really love them very much. Credit to yumu-chan. Gomen not ask u before I put it here.

Here you go. My friend from Indonesia.

Miwa and Yumu.
Just suddenly feel to put they picture here.
Kawaie desu ne ^^

Finally, looking forward for Chinese New Year Holiday.
My trip is this Friday.
Then a lot more stuff to come and to be done.

p/s: so how about your day?