Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~hold on~

"Steamboat moment"

It already February and I already not visit and update my blog for a long time already.
"D-Motion" and "Love Yourself" PV from KAT-TUN already out this early of February and of course I feel so excited. Thumb up for KAT-TUN. All of you already done a great job. Omedetoo ne.

And below is our AKABEN family tree. I really love them very much. Credit to yumu-chan. Gomen not ask u before I put it here.

Here you go. My friend from Indonesia.

Miwa and Yumu.
Just suddenly feel to put they picture here.
Kawaie desu ne ^^

Finally, looking forward for Chinese New Year Holiday.
My trip is this Friday.
Then a lot more stuff to come and to be done.

p/s: so how about your day?


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