Thursday, February 18, 2010

~keep maintain~

  • I'm not a public figure, so don't judge me like I am one of them
  • I want to live with my own thought and not other order
  • I have my own dream that I want to achieve and I have no one that at the same path with me
  • They said I live in my own world but don't worry I welcome anyone
  • There is differences for me to play RP and RL but both are cool
  • You can say everything that you want about me because I am not good in changing myself for other
  • I use to faker and poser so just be it because I will just go with the flow
  • Everybody have they own dream so don't mess up with other dream
  • I am in a strict world of life which give me a very small opportunity to do what I want but still I have enough strength to make it away
  • I just want to update my blog and write nothing important here but still you can read it


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