Sunday, February 28, 2010

~my MABUSHI, okaeri ^^~

My friend, Maki Ichinose give her laptop name KEN. I have one too. I give it Mabushi name. In Japanese it mean light. I'm glad that I can connect with internet back today after it retire for a couple of days. But now I don't have the DVD Player and Cyberlink Camera. Anyway, at least I got my Mabushi back in good condition.

Cartoon KAT-TUN Show will be end soon. Even though I hope it will not happen but I need to see it from the positive side. KAT-TUN will always be the same in my heart for sure.

Time to do my Anatomy assignment. ^^


  1. AnGeLiC mE??!! said...
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    AnGeLiC mE??!! said...
    nak letak nama "yuki" la...meaning heheheh
    on 2nd thoughts, my lapt0p mmg dah lm ada nm...but x igt la pla dl2 saya bg nm apa...h0h0h0

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