Thursday, March 4, 2010

~he said that~

♥Life is like being lost apparently, but when you are really lost you just have to wait for someone to find you. Someone who loves you will find you. --Kyohei ♥~


  1. Anonymous said...
    He always saying that charming word
    and They always saying that charming word
    So that you will fill that charming word
    In yourself, and they will take something from your heart

    Please my dear sis
    You have to find the essence of that charming word
    You may wait and you may stand still
    but guest what
    the essence of that charming word is there
    AHA is there
    in you.
    but still you have to find it.
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~thanx 4 ur concern..~
    ~it was too deep..~
    ~and i try to understand..~
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~thanx 4 dropping by..~
    ~and hope u can introduce yourself.. ^^~
    Anonymous said...
    My dear sis,
    Sorry for landing here,
    without permission,
    Just a wayfarer that lost
    in the space,
    and by faith dropped here,
    and I see the history is repeated,
    the lost and found.

    and I just try to take
    a bit of your heart
    and hopefully I'll take it all
    not for me course I'm not

    if it should not be touched
    like the flower in the prohibited city
    but do open it
    so I can show
    the essence of that charming word
    the truth of it
    so then
    you will not repeat the history.

    farewell for a talented writer that had be,
    and a talented teacher that will be.
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~do we know each other?~
    ~the way u speak about ur thought seem to be like that..~
    Anonymous said...
    sory 4 not introducing,
    but dont seen to know each other,
    semenanjung n sarawak quite far,
    by sudden dropped here
    and when read your memoir
    it took me by flash to
    the days that been left behind

    enjoying remembering those days
    when we try to find
    something that seem to be lost from our heart
    something that created emptiness in our heart
    something that made us in waiting
    but admit that the feeling is one of the biggest award by him.

    may you have experienced the first
    the second or the third
    you may not find the true essence of that charming word
    and you may not be in the stage of stability
    unless you experienced
    the zero of that charming word
    the infinity of that feeling
    the first and the end.

    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~dun worry... ^^~
    ~it juz a sentence from a drama that i fall for.. ^^~
    ~thanx for ur advice..~
    ~it really meaningful.. ^^~
    ~i'm at sabah..~
    ~not at sarawak.. ^^~
    Anonymous said...
    Sabahans and Sarawakians are quite interesting
    I mean the comunity
    They mixed and assimilated with one another very well
    I mean between the races and believes
    You know , at first I though u are a non muslim chinese,
    especially when I look at that chinese looking fonts n your nephew?'s wedding picture.
    But further I read,
    It seems that I'm talking with an 'Ustazah'
    ex smka (Agama), isn/t it??
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~it not the wedding ceremony.. ^^~
    ~it was engagement event..~
    ~juz SMKA ex-student background only.. ^^~
    Anonymous said...
    get used to joke with my fellow friends from ex smka,
    calling them 'ustaz' or 'ustazah'
    although they are not
    n we laugh remembering those days
    just to remind them the path
    they had been trough
    is the path that
    they should always remember
    the path that
    been envied by many
    who is seeking for
    the essence of that charming word,
    but they lost.
    n I do see they who were lost
    had found back the meaning of the essence
    retreated back to the path
    n I do amazed.
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~it OK.. ^^~
    ~being an SMKA student really change my life a lot.. ^^~
    Anonymous said...
    Should give attribute to the designer of SMKA
    somebody, his name started with A
    n his father name started with I
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~i dun know about the history of it.. ^^~

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