Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~renshu desu ^^~

It finally come. The exam week is already around the corner. But I still have a lot of assignment to be done. A report that need to submit and a lot more revision to be done. It sometime hard for me to manage the time but I try to do my best since it is my responsibility. I try not to chat for long in Facebook which is I really miss to chat with all my friend there right now. Gomen, musume-yue-dante-kazu-kazurashiro really busy right now. Minna, hontou ni aitakutte. Demo shinpanai ne.
I will be free for almost one month after that. And I'm looking forward for that ^^. For those who always support me and cheer me up during my down time, hontou ni arigato ^^. Kyaa...! time to move on to another assignment ^^

p/s: rarely doing my practice on nihonggo right now. i hope i still can remember it. ja ^^
itsumo gambatee
itsumo shiawase
toki doki baka baka ne ^^

Monday, April 26, 2010

~i ♥ you~

It still KAT-TUN to me even other fan already drop out the A

Meet him at NOKIA CLUB ^^

With KAT-TUN new single "Going" for Kamenashi Kazuya new talk show, I really have no regret to be this group fan. Really want to buy the CD ---> Limited edition A and B. Looking forward for the concert opening at the end of April even I can't go. Of course I would like to go to their concert at Thailand. But since I have a tight schedule I bet I can't go and just cheer them from my room. That funny.

For Jin Akanishi, it really a big achievement when he got the chance to perform at Los Angeles. Good luck. Where am I that time? Also can't go. But, still I can't wait for my friends comments about his show later. *sigh- I hope can be one of the audience ^^

Love Yourself

p/s: who want to buy me a ticket to the concert? *wink

My younger sister dislike when us talking in other language because she can't understand it. She always said: "Speak Malay, please!" and that make me laugh. But my mom said we should speak Chinese or English with her since she is in Chinese Kindergarten school. She is really funny little girl. Very matured for the girl in her age but still can't leave out the childish and stubborn part. She like dressing a lot and more better in choosing her outfit than me. (laugh). *sigh - miss her a lot. Same story goes to my one and only little brother. He is sometime hard to understand. Can't wait to back home.

Friday, April 23, 2010


1. Link and thank the person (s) who awarded you.
2. State 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this to 15 bloggers

this award is from miss zatie
not answer any tag for long already

Fact #1
Love spicy food until my mom have to scolded me if I just eat the chilies like I eat junk food.

Fact #2
I can spend my time to change and search any software. I love to try all the software. Kind of software addict ^^

Fact #3
I love taking picture but I'm not a good photographer.

Fact #4
I am the first from 7 sibling ^^

Fact #5
I love music even though I can't play any instrument which I believe I don't have any talent on it. *sigh

Fact #6
I love to learn new language and really in eager to master Japanese and work hard on my Chinese vocabulary

Fact #7
Single ^^

and the award goes to;
a)Fukuda Ayumu
b)Akimoto Miwa
e) and the rest of the list goes to all the readers

Thursday, April 22, 2010

~folder option~

Sudah kehilangan folder option di windows saya kerana disembunyikan oleh raksasa ganas yang bernama virus tapi tidak diketahui jenis yang mana satu. Menyebabkan pekerjaan windows saya menjadi agak lambat dan tersekat-sekat. Satu sahaja jalan penyelesaian yang mampu difikirkan. Format balik. Di saat keperluan semakin meningkat untuk membuat tugasan? Oh..! Sangat "sayang" dengan pencipta virus itu. Noktah.


You are the poser but still you want to make everything right. I can't believe what you say to us. Really annoying. The best part is when you say you want to eliminate us. It my pleasure then. Hurt my friend and you will get the return. Can't talk much. Just can't believe too many poser until I don't know who to believe. I can accept if you play RP. But when you acting like a real one, you really helpless.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Saturday.
Another new day.
Another almost the end of a week.
It raining outside.
Here I am thinking about a bunch of assignment that need to be done.
Maybe need hiatus mode for a while.
Have a great Saturday and enjoy your weekend.

Love Yourself

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It always raining nowadays which is good because the hot weather before already been balanced. It already April now and that mean exam is around the corner. I know I am not ready yet. *sigh. Still have a bunch (?) of assignment that need to be done and submit. I hope I can manage my time and do it before I getting more busy. It time to start my revision right? I don't want my pointer drop repeatedly. It like a nightmare during the day. Start to learn hangul even though still not master in Japanese. But to know a little is much better than know nothing I guess. Well, I hope I don't have "Panda Eyes" because always stay up late like this. Please don't. Okay. I bet it time for me to hit the sack and hopefully not overslept tomorrow. I already miss my Akaben's Family now. Till then, Love Yourself ^^

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I will not say a big NO if people say I am a dreamer. I will say yes with a smile. I am a dreamer and no doubt about it. I will not let my dream just a dream at all. I will try to turn it into the reality for sure. But some of your dream, you should realize that you will never achieve it. That the way we become realistic. Don't dream too much until it will hurt yourself one day. Let join me to be a dreamer and try to achieve the dream. Look at the sky. The sky is wide right? And so do our dream. No beginning and no the end. It just happen. When you noticed it you will realize how good a dreamer was. That my thought. Don't mind if you want to share your thought too. Till then, love yourself ^^

Friday, April 2, 2010

It already almost 2 weeks since my last update. Super duper busy with my assignment and tight schedule make me don't have time to share what already happened this pass 2 weeks.

(sorry for my grammar ^^)

First of all, I want to thank you Miss Germaine Pang for the package that I received from her.

to sis germy @ germy jie jie :

I really appreciate it very much. I will reply for sure the card that you give me. But not now. I will find time. Enjoy your vacation to Japan ya. Yosh..! I really want to join you. Demo joudan dayo. My time will come too ^^.

Long journey from Singapore ^^what inside? ^^ a souvenir from Hong Kong, a card and a DVD

Card from Sis Germy and still have another stuff inside

Heard about KAT-TUN will held 1st "KAT-TUN ASIA TOUR" really make me happy. But still I cannot attend it. It make me feel sad but maybe next time I can meet them for real. Akanishi Jin will not be with the tour because he already been invited by Nokia Club at Los Angeles for solo concert at June. Wow..! Kat-Tun really go to the worldwide. I'm happy to be one of their fan from around the world.

KAT-TUN colour my life

Kooun o inorimasu for KAT-TUN and AKANISHI JIN.

Akanishi Jin

And then at 30 March 2010 is Beni Arashiro birthday. Here wish from Musume and Kazu for you ne Beni nee-chan
Beni Arashiro
  • Happy always with bro
  • Good luck in everything you do
  • Keep up the good work
  • Itsumo shiawase ne ^^
We go for BIG (Bina Insan Guru) Phase III at SK Inderasabah and this school is quiet interesting. Have a lot of fun during the program. Plus, I learn a lot too.

Looking forward for another task and exam week ^^

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