Friday, April 23, 2010


1. Link and thank the person (s) who awarded you.
2. State 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this to 15 bloggers

this award is from miss zatie
not answer any tag for long already

Fact #1
Love spicy food until my mom have to scolded me if I just eat the chilies like I eat junk food.

Fact #2
I can spend my time to change and search any software. I love to try all the software. Kind of software addict ^^

Fact #3
I love taking picture but I'm not a good photographer.

Fact #4
I am the first from 7 sibling ^^

Fact #5
I love music even though I can't play any instrument which I believe I don't have any talent on it. *sigh

Fact #6
I love to learn new language and really in eager to master Japanese and work hard on my Chinese vocabulary

Fact #7
Single ^^

and the award goes to;
a)Fukuda Ayumu
b)Akimoto Miwa
e) and the rest of the list goes to all the readers


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