Thursday, April 15, 2010

~beatiful day ^^~

It always raining nowadays which is good because the hot weather before already been balanced. It already April now and that mean exam is around the corner. I know I am not ready yet. *sigh. Still have a bunch (?) of assignment that need to be done and submit. I hope I can manage my time and do it before I getting more busy. It time to start my revision right? I don't want my pointer drop repeatedly. It like a nightmare during the day. Start to learn hangul even though still not master in Japanese. But to know a little is much better than know nothing I guess. Well, I hope I don't have "Panda Eyes" because always stay up late like this. Please don't. Okay. I bet it time for me to hit the sack and hopefully not overslept tomorrow. I already miss my Akaben's Family now. Till then, Love Yourself ^^


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