Sunday, April 11, 2010

~i am a dreamer. so what?~

I will not say a big NO if people say I am a dreamer. I will say yes with a smile. I am a dreamer and no doubt about it. I will not let my dream just a dream at all. I will try to turn it into the reality for sure. But some of your dream, you should realize that you will never achieve it. That the way we become realistic. Don't dream too much until it will hurt yourself one day. Let join me to be a dreamer and try to achieve the dream. Look at the sky. The sky is wide right? And so do our dream. No beginning and no the end. It just happen. When you noticed it you will realize how good a dreamer was. That my thought. Don't mind if you want to share your thought too. Till then, love yourself ^^


  1. naz said...
    realiti indah harus bermula dengan fantasi:)
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~agree.. ^^~
    QaishuMasturoh said...
    ii ne yue-san..^^
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~iiyo.. ^^~

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