Monday, April 26, 2010

~i ♥ you~

It still KAT-TUN to me even other fan already drop out the A

Meet him at NOKIA CLUB ^^

With KAT-TUN new single "Going" for Kamenashi Kazuya new talk show, I really have no regret to be this group fan. Really want to buy the CD ---> Limited edition A and B. Looking forward for the concert opening at the end of April even I can't go. Of course I would like to go to their concert at Thailand. But since I have a tight schedule I bet I can't go and just cheer them from my room. That funny.

For Jin Akanishi, it really a big achievement when he got the chance to perform at Los Angeles. Good luck. Where am I that time? Also can't go. But, still I can't wait for my friends comments about his show later. *sigh- I hope can be one of the audience ^^

Love Yourself

p/s: who want to buy me a ticket to the concert? *wink


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