Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~renshu desu ^^~

It finally come. The exam week is already around the corner. But I still have a lot of assignment to be done. A report that need to submit and a lot more revision to be done. It sometime hard for me to manage the time but I try to do my best since it is my responsibility. I try not to chat for long in Facebook which is I really miss to chat with all my friend there right now. Gomen, musume-yue-dante-kazu-kazurashiro really busy right now. Minna, hontou ni aitakutte. Demo shinpanai ne.
I will be free for almost one month after that. And I'm looking forward for that ^^. For those who always support me and cheer me up during my down time, hontou ni arigato ^^. Kyaa...! time to move on to another assignment ^^

p/s: rarely doing my practice on nihonggo right now. i hope i still can remember it. ja ^^
itsumo gambatee
itsumo shiawase
toki doki baka baka ne ^^


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