Friday, April 2, 2010

~you make me smile~

It already almost 2 weeks since my last update. Super duper busy with my assignment and tight schedule make me don't have time to share what already happened this pass 2 weeks.

(sorry for my grammar ^^)

First of all, I want to thank you Miss Germaine Pang for the package that I received from her.

to sis germy @ germy jie jie :

I really appreciate it very much. I will reply for sure the card that you give me. But not now. I will find time. Enjoy your vacation to Japan ya. Yosh..! I really want to join you. Demo joudan dayo. My time will come too ^^.

Long journey from Singapore ^^what inside? ^^ a souvenir from Hong Kong, a card and a DVD

Card from Sis Germy and still have another stuff inside

Heard about KAT-TUN will held 1st "KAT-TUN ASIA TOUR" really make me happy. But still I cannot attend it. It make me feel sad but maybe next time I can meet them for real. Akanishi Jin will not be with the tour because he already been invited by Nokia Club at Los Angeles for solo concert at June. Wow..! Kat-Tun really go to the worldwide. I'm happy to be one of their fan from around the world.

KAT-TUN colour my life

Kooun o inorimasu for KAT-TUN and AKANISHI JIN.

Akanishi Jin

And then at 30 March 2010 is Beni Arashiro birthday. Here wish from Musume and Kazu for you ne Beni nee-chan
Beni Arashiro
  • Happy always with bro
  • Good luck in everything you do
  • Keep up the good work
  • Itsumo shiawase ne ^^
We go for BIG (Bina Insan Guru) Phase III at SK Inderasabah and this school is quiet interesting. Have a lot of fun during the program. Plus, I learn a lot too.

Looking forward for another task and exam week ^^

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